Update on Revolution, Goon, and The New Normal

Well… I watched them all again this week.

Revolution actually stepped it up a notch and got a little more interesting. Still not interesting enough to make me care about whether it gets cancelled, but at least it was better than last week.

I still really like Go On and I have even less of an idea why. Looking back on it, it's silly and kinda dumb, but it's still funny enough to want to keep watching. John Cho plays his part perfectly. If you haven't been watching this, get on it. I don't know why you should like it, but you probably will.

The New Normal was, like Revolution, better than last week but I'm still not seeing it as a keeper. It has some interesting political commentary thrown in and I suppose the characters are endearing enough, but it's just not funny enough. It needs laughs, and doesn't have them.

So there you have it. Watch Go On. 🙂

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