Terra Nova

I watched the series premier of Terra Nova last night. While it didn't instantly hook you the way Lost did when it started, it definitely has some promise.

With that in mind, I highly recommend that everyone avoid this series like the plague.

We all know what happens when I watch a new show from the beginning.

I'm willing to bet it won't last to the end of the first season.

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  1. I have the same curse! I was all over "My Own Worst Enemy" which they abruptly stopped mid-season, and now you can buy the "complete" series for $5 @ walmart.


  2. I promise to do my part by not only never watching the show, but knowing nothing about its premise. All for you, buddy. *fistbump*

  3. What? Isn't the fancy way this blog software turns it into a non-email address good enough to prevent spammers from farming the site for emails? 🙂

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