I watched the series premier of Elementary last night, and I liked it.

The fact that I've been sick for over a week probably has something to do with me watching all these new shows. I have no idea if I'll keep it up, but this might be one of the keepers when I start cutting back.

I'm just wondering whether the premise will be able to keep going strong through the whole season. The show is well done, but I'm wondering whether the premise will get tired after a few shows. Of course, the same might have been said for House or Lie to Me, and I liked both of those all the way through, though apparently nobody else felt the same of the latter.

Elementary is "Sherlock Holmes with a Twist". In this case, Sherlock is a bit of a weirdo who is apparently a recovering drug addict or something, though I expect we'll get more details on that later. He's got all the typical Sherlock traits of being hyper-observant and deducing all sorts of stuff normal people wouldn't. Just what you'd expect, though in this case he's in the US in the modern age and working as a sort of freelance consultant to the police.

Watson is a girl played by Lucy Liu. I expect she's going to develop her talents at being Watson as the series goes on. At this point, she's playing some sort of ex-surgeon who's decided to be a live-in friend to recovering addicts. The premise all seems pretty made-up and I can't really imagine such a person existing in real life. Who knows though. I'm sure stranger arrangements have happened.

As it stands, she's been hired by Sherlock's dad to live with him and watch over him for a few weeks. If he takes drugs, then she'll leave, though I'm not sure why that is. It doesn't matter, I suppose.

Anyhow, the dynamic between them is good so far and the crime they solved in the first episode was clever enough to be interesting, though it's really the characters that made the show.

This isn't really great, but it's definitely good enough to watch again. It'll be interesting to see whether or not it gets a bit tired or goes completely off the rails.

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  1. Here's to being sick and catching whatever's on when you press "Power"! I caught the first half-hour of Elementary and found it compelling, but not so much so that I wanted to forgo doing everything else I still wanted to accomplish before bedtime.

    My notes on the show are similar to yours, with the exception of the fact that Watson *did* help solve the crime: when Holmes was badgering someone who had survived a previous killing, she played Good Cop and got the necessary information from her. While the casting is clearly the strongest thing going for the series at the moment, I think the writing was sharp enough to convince viewers that Holmes was observant enough to catch details that any ordinary person would have missed.

    Hope we're all feeling better soon.

  2. Is that good writing? I just kinda thought that was par for the course for Holmes. The only recent Sherlock stuff I've seen was the Robert Downey Jr. films and really, it's about the exact same display of skills, which again are about exactly as you'd expect. I'm looking forward to how they keep it fresh over the course of the series.

    I agree that the casting is making the show. Let's hope it holds up. 🙂

    Hope you're feeling better! This is, hands down, the worst cold I've ever had, even if for nothing more than it's length of stay. 🙁

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