What Has the Senate Done For Me Lately???

The only news we've been hearing about the senate is about how they're all helping themselves to the public coffers.

Before that, they simply weren't in the news at all, unless some new one got appointed or something.

If we dismiss for a moment all the crap they've been doing to help themselves, can somebody tell me something any one of them has done for the benefit of the country? ANYTHING??

Is there some terrible law that they've voted down in their capacity as a "sober second thought"? Is there some tangible voice they've added to any debate? Have they done a damned thing to justify even existing as a governing body?

For all the bad news, I'd have thought there would be SOMETHING coming out to try to offset the bad publicity. "Sure… they're been making egregious claims left right and center to line their own pockets… but don't forget that they also… " WHAT??? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE???

If there was EVER a prime time to abolish this ridiculous institution for good… isn't it now?

Incidentally… the official government synopsis of their purpose is rather hilarious when thought of in the context of what they seem to actually be doing…


2 thoughts on “What Has the Senate Done For Me Lately???”

  1. I emphatically agree with the aforementioned sentiments. In Canada we have 105 public servants (I use the term lightly), making well north of a hundred grand annually, and we (those of us that know Canada has Senators), don't even know what they do. I was talking to a neighbor yesterday and asked them what their thoughts were on the Senatorial scandal. Their reply: "Canada has Senators? Canada doesn't have Senators, that's only in the states" (Problem #1). I explained that not only did we have Senators, but that we in fact had 105 of them. My neighbor was surprised and in disbelief. She asked me who they were. I responded that I knew the names of three of them, only due to the fact that they are in some deep water, and their names are being plastered wherever there is free space (Problem #2). How do we keep an eye on people if we aren't aware of their existence, or even who they are.

    However, I think there is a greater problem facing society in the 21st century. In a word, 'carpet', or in three words, 'irregularly coiffed carpet'. I along with an associate who shall remain nameless until he takes this post down, have been working tirelessly on a solution to this scourge that is affecting millions of people who apparently haven't heard of hardwood or the more economical laminate flooring. Two words; carpet rake. This invention will revolutionize the home maintenance industry. Think of a world where carpets everywhere will be emblazoned with straight and parallel lines. Think of it. Take a moment. My associate and I, are in the final stages of R&D, and hope to bring this product to market in early spring of 2014. We would like to thank everyone for their support during this journey of exploration and discovery.


    B. White

  2. Some day someone is going to make millions off the carpet rake. Some day. And everyone who knows me will be able to nod in smug acknowledgement of my vindication.

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