Rob Ford: Please Stop Being a Buffoon

I'm getting really tired of Rob Ford's buffoonery. I like his policies. I want the city to reduce spending and tighten budgets. I want to stop overpaying for labour and providing benefits that those who pay for them wouldn't expect.

What I don't like is his role as an ambassador for the city. I suppose this is a tradeoff we need to make to get his hardline policies. I mean… I like that he doesn't give a rat's ass about what anyone thinks of him and that he's steadfast in his convictions. I just think there are cases where he SHOULD care about his public image and where he MUST realize that he's not right about absolutely everything that surges through his brain.

His idiocy in thinking he can go around talking on his cellphone while driving has been nothing but damaging to his credibility. His utter contempt for the public when caught is even worse.

Now he's been caught apparently lying about what happened when This Hour Has 22 Minutes showed up at his door. He's basically coming across as a big sourpuss.

Geez man. Have some fun with it!

He recently made some comments to the effect that if we had another election he would be re-elected.

I think he might be, but I wouldn't put any big bets on it.

As I said before… I like his policies. I don't think he's found as much waste as we'd hoped for, but I'm glad he's looking.

You can be sure though, that if he had some competition from someone holding similar values, there's very little chance he'd get back in.

Of course, if he ran against another slew of bleeding heart commies looking to crank up our taxes and pay more and more for union workers, I think he'd be a shoo-in for another term.

So then… are there any other fiscally responsible people out there willing to run?

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  1. LMAO

    Dude, did you just use the phrase "bleeding heart commies" to describe Toronto politicians? Do you think you live in the American heartland?

  2. Pfft. I'm every bit as socialist as any other red blooded Canadian, but that doesn't mean I think that just because your bosses are elected and don't have any skin in the game, you deserve to make more money than most of the people paying your salary.

    Nobody seems to care about the perfectly capable people who would happily do jobs we pay for while earning less money.

    This is a whole other argument though, and one that Mayor Ford could make a lot more credibly if he didn't act like an idiot in the public eye!

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