Jack Layton has Sand in his Vagina

Everything I'm reading about Jack Layton these days says that he will vote against the Conservative budget no matter what's in it.

Does he have the slightest interest in what's good for the country, or is he just out to try and grab a little bit of the power pie no matter what the cost?

It seems to me that if the Conservative government listens to the opinions of the opposition and comes up with a budget they can all agree on, then that would probably be the best they're capable of doing for the country and everyone should vote for it.

Isn't that how this ridiculous system is supposed to work?

If you have parties who have no hope of gaining power, but are going to vote against the government on anything and everything no matter what it is, how is anything ever supposed to get done?

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  1. I can hardly wait for tomorrow to find out what's in the budget. Oh, and thanks for the laugh, best blog headline of the day. 😀

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