I Guess the Rob Ford Love-In is Over

It looks like this is the end of the line for our lovable crackhead mayor.

It's just over a year ago now that I tried to pass on some sage advice. It would appear that he either didn't read it, or chose to ignore it, and HOOOWEE!!! What a year it's been!!

All I can hope for now is that some suitable replacement will step up to the plate. I mean… looking back… I honestly can't think of any ways he's screwed us over the way David Miller repeatedly did.

At least he got rid of the plastic bag tax. Revisiting my closing statement from a year ago…

So then… are there any other fiscally responsible people out there willing to run?

4 thoughts on “I Guess the Rob Ford Love-In is Over”

  1. All we need now is a major scandal/clusterfuck from the provincial government, and we've got ourselves a hat trick!

  2. Question: Aren't crackheads supposed to be skinny? I mean come on! When was the last time you saw that much adipose tissue, and that many teeth on a crackhead?


    B. White

  3. I'm not sure whether crack leads to dental issues. I think that may be more of a meth thing.

    I've got nothing on the weight issue though. He claims he's not an addict, so perhaps he's more of a hobbyist so it never gets a chance to really affect his caloric intake?

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