Hooters for Lunch!

Monday is all-you-can-eat wings day at Hooters, so that's where we went.

You'd think it would be an entertaining time, eating wings and chatting over a pint while the hotness circles around.

Not so.

Firstly, I've got a new boss now so I'm in no position to be coming back to the office smelling of beer, so Diet Coke had to suffice.

Secondly, it took forever to get our food so "all-you-can-eat" really amounted to "all-we-can-serve-in-an-hour", which wasn't really worth the price of admission.

Finally, the hotness apparently doesn't work the Monday afternoon shift, so we got the grumpy-and-neglectfulness instead.

And the wings weren't all that good.

Probably won't go back here, if I can help it.

Curiously, Google seems to have targetted this blog with ads for people looking to have affairs. As thrilled as I'm sure my wife is with us going to Hooters for lunch, I'm sure she'll be tickled pink to find my blog seems to have inadvertantly gained a "Find local frustrated married women looking for excitement" theme!

Of course I'm not me, and this isn't mine, so all's well.

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