Halibut Burrito Day!

Today we were back to Burrito Boyz yet again, but to a different location this time around. This one was a bit bigger so we weren't crammed in shoulder to shoulder with everyone else waiting for our food. There's still not enough space to expect to eat at a (the) table there, but at least you can expect to be inside the place while waiting in line.

As for the Halibut Burrito… it was good… but not as good as the steak. Steak is still the way to go at this place.

Of course, if you don't eat beef… or any other meat that walks around on land while growing, then this might be the burrito for you!

0 thoughts on “Halibut Burrito Day!”

  1. I've not tried the steak burrito yet, but I haven't had a burrito, anywhere, as good as the halibut. Mayhaps your affinity for red meat is the deciding factor for you? I've never been big on red meat.

  2. I think I just find that the flavour of the steak lends itself better to the whole burrito experience.

    It just fits perfectly with the cheese and sauce and guacamole and all.

    The fish is good… but just seems a little out of place. Like maybe the burrito should have a little lemon in it… or tartar sauce or something.

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