Welcome to the New Look!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here and a lot has happened. The world has changed.

Some things are better and many things are much, much worse, but still the world marches forward. I hope all of my readers are doing as well as possible in the pandemic era. My heart goes out to all of you that have experience heartbreak and loss.

It’s been nearly two decades since this blog was launched and the Internet is a vastly different place than it used to be so I hope you’ll appreciate the changes made here.

The biggest improvement is that it’s finally usable on mobile devices, which was nearly impossible on the old platform without all sorts of pinching and zooming that I expect exactly nobody could be bothered to deal with.

All the original content has been migrated into the new system and I’ve had quite the nostalgic fun going through some of it to fix some issues. There’s a bit more to do to fix old links and some formatting but for the most part it should all be good to go.

As for me… well… I’m still here and life is good.

Welcome to new NotWeasel!

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