The Inauguration.

So here it is. It's been talked about by people you don't know and you probably won't ever see it. If you do, it'll probably be years from now when the world as we know it has ended and we're reduced to surfing web archives from renegade servers dreaming of the before time when we could still think for ourselves and the Man hadn't yet let us know that he owned us all. Back when we still thought we were free.

But that's the future. This is now, and we've convinced ourselves that now is pretty good. Of course, it doesn't take much looking to see the terrible injustices going on all around us, but it's also not too hard to ignore most of it and go about our lives doing our best to create bright spots among the doldrums.

Now before anyone starts getting depressed and tying ropes around the rafters, this blog isn't going to be all doom and gloom. I'm sure I'll have some uplifting stuff to post up here now and then. For the most part though, this will be my soapbox for ranting about my views on the world around us and trying to make sense of the utter nonsense the people in charge try to force down our throats.

So who are these people I'm speaking of? Well that's changing all the time depending on my mood, what's in the news, and whether I've had enough sleep in the past 24 hours so I'll let you figure it out for yourself from entry to entry.

For today, it's the government and the press and the fact that they're joined at the hip and both managed by complete imbeciles. I'll close off this introduction first though so that can have it's own proper little box on the page.

So if you've stumbled across this place and you're curious enough to stick around, I tip my hat to you. If enough of us can band together then maybe… just maybe… the future holds some hope after all.

See you here…

Not Weasel.

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