My Substitute Favourite Tooth Broke

I thought I’d never have to deal with this tooth again. Truly. I thought I was done. Problem solved.

But here we are. Somehow, while eating some chicken, a piece of the new tooth came off. Not chicken bones. Not rocks. Just chicken.

I guess now I’ll find out what sort of warranty comes with new teeth.

Does the tooth fairy buy imitation teeth??

3 thoughts on “My Substitute Favourite Tooth Broke”

  1. Oh wow, I’m sorry that the saga of the tooth continues. Hopefully, this gets addressed without added cost, and in a timely manner.

  2. Well… to cap this story off, my dentist smoothed out the sharp edges with a grinder and called it good.

    It’s been a couple days and it all feels ok, so hopefully this is the end of this saga. Again. Of course we all know it won’t be.

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