My Favourite Tooth is Back!!

People who’ve been around for the long haul here may remember the saga of my favourite tooth.

It’s been a long time coming and I’m happy to finally say that it’s BACK!! After losing that one, a few years later I cracked the one next to it and decided that enough was enough.

I’ve spent half a year or so going through the process of getting two new teeth to get me back to where I started. Hopefully the new one serves me as well as the original did and lasts a fair bit longer.

2 thoughts on “My Favourite Tooth is Back!!”

    1. I know people get this stuff done abroad. I have no idea how they’d get the same results though unless it’s a completely different process.

      No part of it was done in a single appointment and the spacing between them was important. Even the very last step of putting the implant crowns on took nearly a month from getting the scans done to putting them in to finally making sure all was well. It’s been 2 weeks since having them put on and over those weeks they seemed to adjust themselves to some extent. Today was a final check to make sure all was well and a bit of grinding to get them perfect.

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