It's Right There In Front Of You!

Why is there always pee on the floor in front of urinals??

I mean… I get that guys can miss the toilet now and then. It's a foot and a half away or so, and sometimes things aren't quite pointed where you think they are, but a urinal??

It's right there in front of you!

If your junk is so small that it doesn't extend past the lip, then you should be sitting on the toilet to pee! WTF? Do you get it on your pants as well? Does it just dribble down the front of you??

Seriously! Figure it out, or don't use it. I shouldn't have to worry about standing in pee just because you've got some sort of issues with using a stall!

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  1. Even better: being female means you have no choice but to use the toilet, and the number of times I've seen a toilet seat in a public washroom with someone else's pee on it is more than enough for me to have long since been able to justify "hovering". This is tons of fun to attempt if you have to go #2, by the way.

  2. alas, it's a catch-22, the pee on the seat is usually caused by the aim issues involved in hovering, and the hovering is spurned on by the pee on the seat.

    But aim was seriously pretty much the only advantage I was willing to give boys over girls – and now it looks like that is is question.

    So it's official – it's not better to be a guy.

  3. Don't get too excited. You still can't write your name in the snow without drawing a whole lot of attention to yourself. 🙂

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