Amanda Lang can go to hell.

A story has just come up talking about how she tried to squash the big CBC story on RBC's outsourcing last year. From reading this, it's hard to tell whether she really did or didn't, so I found it hard to form an opinion of her actions based on that alone. What I DID do though was look up a story she did for the Globe and Mail on the subject. Here it is:

This is such a massive load of corporate shilling it hurts my head to even read it. I worked at RBC for 15 years and saw first hand what their outsourcing is all about, and I expect it's the same for all the other companies doing it. There wasn't even a tiny bit of it that had anything to do with finding people who were more qualified than those here in Canada. It was 100% about getting people cheaper. There were a few good people but most of them were woefully unqualified and needed to be spoon fed copious amounts of training just to get useful work out of them. But they were cheap.

This here is the most telling quote in her whole article:

"Information technology workers displaced in Canada are being replaced not by cheap Indian workers but by better ones. India has emerged as a centre of excellence in applications development, for instance, and so a business needing the very best in that field will seek it out."

That's not just vaguely untrue. That's a bold-faced lie that's easily verifiable by talking to ANYONE that's had to integrate outsourced workers into their projects.

She's not a journalist. She's a tool, and should be ashamed of herself.

2 thoughts on “Amanda Lang can go to hell.”

  1. Unfortunately, it's becoming more and more the case that one can determine the bent of a "journalistic piece" simply by seeing which media outlet paid for it. That this article, which claims to champion Capitalism (and does in the, "Go with what's cheap," way), comes from a known right-leaning news source should come as no surprise. More so because it's an "editorial" piece, in which the author is allowed to state opinion. I'm not excluding the left-leaning news sources from being guilty of the exact same problem, either. I'm lamenting that there isn't much in the way of true journalism (which is meant to expose unbiased facts) any more.

  2. Yep. I agree with you 100%.

    Of course, the G&M's bias is generally understood and unquestioned whereas Amanda Lang as a sold-out corporate whore is news to me.

    Granted, I never really had any opinion at all about her before this came up so I can't say it's changed my mind in any way. It's just set the tone for the lens I'll view her through going forward.

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