Porsche Made Me a Car!

This process started last year when I placed an order but today I hit a milestone and Porsche has finished building my next car.

How do I know that? Well that’s what I’m writing about today.

The most exciting part of this process will be when I get to drive it home but recently Porsche set up a system to make the journey from ordering to delivering more interesting than just an agonizing wait.

They created a tracking system to keep customers up to date on the order progress and set up cameras in the factory to show your new car as it’s being built.

This was the first picture I got, just as it came out of the paint shop.

There’s a long wait between ordering and driving home and lots of things can happen in that time so it’s not as simple as placing an order and getting a delivery date. Knowing that, the tracking system gives you an idea of what’s happened so far and some estimates on the dates for what will happen next.

Some of the interior and exterior trim has been added but it’s still mostly an empty shell.

A common problem in the new post-COVID world of supply chain issues is that something you ordered can become unavailable. If you’re lucky, they’ll delay your build long enough to get the parts in but there have been cases where options have been changed by the factory to accommodate parts shortages.

The specific headlights and seats I ordered were in short supply so seeing them installed on the car would be a big relief.

Here the front bumper and headlights have been installed.

Finally, the last picture they give you shows the car mostly done. If you look close enough you can see which seats are installed. There’s still a few trim pieces missing but the car is mostly done.

Oddly, I got the final picture on May 18th but didn’t get confirmation that the car is complete until today, the 30th. I can’t guess what the delay was but am happy it’s been resolved. Many people get confirmation that their cars are completed within a day or two of receiving this picture.

Their caption says it’s complete here but you can see some trim still missing. It would be another 12 days before the system notified me that it was done.

So that takes us to today. With each completed step you get updated estimates for the next steps and they should get more and more accurate as you go. As of now, the car is complete and released for transport to the port in Emden.

The next milestone will be when it’s been loaded on a boat and is on it’s way to Canada. When that happens, a bit of sleuthing can find out what ship it’s on and you can track it in real time across the ocean.

I’m hoping it gets on the Siem Cicero, which is next boat leaving Emden for Halifax.


It’s scheduled to load around June 7th and should make it’s way to Halifax for the 20th. That might get it here with enough time to get to a track day in mid-July.

If not, I guess I’ll have to wait for August. Either way, this system has made the waiting much easier by giving small steps along the way to get excited about.

I give huge props to Porsche for setting this up. What a great way to share the car’s journey from an order sheet to delivery!

5 thoughts on “Porsche Made Me a Car!”

  1. The boat landed at Halifax Autoport on Monday and this morning I got an update that the car has left the port and is on its way to the dealership.
    Things are getting real!!

  2. OMG!!! The tracker says the car is at the dealership!!
    I’ll find out tomorrow whether it’s actually there, but I can’t imagine the app would lie to me. πŸ™‚

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