Car Stuff Should Involve People Who Know Cars

This blog hasn’t been abandoned. I just haven’t had much to bitch about lately.

I’ve generally been in a great mood as my wife and I are waiting on a new car to show up.

Of course, on that topic, the government has just introduced a new plan to give rebates on what they deem to be energy efficient vehicles and a levy on those that are very much not.

This is all well and good in theory, but they’ve done such a piss poor implementation that it just saddens me to read about it.

I’ve been happy with Stephen Harper’s Conservative government all this time and didn’t really expect this sort of bonehead move out of them.

As it stands, they’ve taken pretty much everything on the road (except pickup trucks, which are exempt becauseĀ  apparently businesses need them, and they’ve divided them all up into two groups. Cars, and trucks.

Then they gave some target mileage figures that they had to meet in order to pay levies or get rebates.

I’d just love to find the person who decided that all vehicles fit conveniently into those two categories and just smack them upside the head.

As if to prove just how stupid it is, they’ve even put the same car into BOTH categories!

If you buy a Dodge Caliber, then it’s just a car with mediocre fuel mileage.

If, however, DCX puts a Jeep badge on your Caliber, then you’ve just bought a Jeep Compass and it’s a truck with great fuel mileage and you get a grand back from the government.

It’s plain stupid.

0 thoughts on “Car Stuff Should Involve People Who Know Cars”

  1. You seem inexplicably surprised and confused by the stupidity of this…

    Wait… you guys got a new car? (and by car, I mean enclosed motor vehicle… small passenger vehicle, larger passenger vehicle, cross-over vehicle, SUV, SUT, Truck, bus, camper-van whatever other term applies… something with doors, windows, a floor, and the ability to move under its own power, basically šŸ˜‰ )

  2. I know I should never be surprised by the profound stupidity of things the gov't does to gain votes, but this one seemed particularly boneheaded.

    And yeah… we pick up the car tomorrow. I think I'll go with "sport wagon" for the arbitrary classification.

  3. 'sport wagon', eh? Hmmm…. Subaru or Mazda? (trying to think what else could possibly be considered a 'sport' wagon….?)

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