NASCAR Streak to the Finish: The Mopps 2013 Final Standings

For the first time in a few years, the Toronto contingent has taken the win!! While Jakob dominated most of the season, a late season surge by Bruce, Paige, and myself put his lead in jeopardy and eventually relegated him to second place. Paige and I tied for the final podium spot, followed by the field of backmarkers. 🙂

It's worth noting that this is only the 2nd time we've managed to have TWO of our top teams in the top 1000 overall. Very stiff competition this year!

Rank  Overall    Name            Longest Streak  Bonus   Total 
1 373 brewsan 9 860 1816
2 942 Jakob 10 690 1596
3 1232 hockeygirl 6 520 1533
3 1232 Wild Weasel 7 600 1533
5 3607 Sunraven 7 470 1256
6 4782 tilly 4 270 1162
7 7826 Trini-man 4 200 969
8 8952 ibuildcars 3 160 895
9 10142 snowbird 6 220 819
10 12154 Mrs Snowbird 2 80 671

For the first time this year, we also took a crack at the NASCAR Fantasy Live game, where Tanya absolutely crushed us in both the regular season and Chase standings. It would appear that this game is meant to have far more than 5 participants in order to make it interesting.

One thought on “NASCAR Streak to the Finish: The Mopps 2013 Final Standings”

  1. With tens of thousands of participants (a quick look showed something like almost 50,000 people signed up) our top 4 are in the top 1500.. That's pretty impressive.

    I was pretty fortunate.. I managed to luck out with 2 fairly long streaks. (one 9 races long and the other 8 races long, stopped by the end of the season)

    I'm pretty stoked to be in the top 400 overall.

    Great season everyone! I had a blast.

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