Congrats to Brad and Sebastien!

Last week’s finale for the Sprint Cup at Homestead turned out to be a bit of a dud after Jimmie was pretty much out of contention, but congrats are due to Brad Keselowski for winning his first title, and sending off Dodge in as good a light as could have possibly been imagined.

Yesterday’s F1 race in Brazil was a whole different story! If every season was exciting as this one was, I’m betting F1 would be a whole lot more popular than it already is. I’ve been watching for years now, and this was by far the best season I’ve ever seen.

What an amazing race for the championship! Congratulations to Sebastien Vettel for winning his third in spectacular fashion!

Turn Off Windows 7 Guest Media Sharing

For as long as I’ve been using my Windows 7 computer to share media for watching on my TV through the PS3, I’ve been annoyed at the fact that the computer’s Guest account has it’s own set of folders and shows up as a separate media server on the network. There’s nothing in it. It’s just annoying.

So here’s how to stop it.

1. Stop the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service

2. You need admin access for this step to get access to the folder. Delete the folder “Media Player” in c:\users\guest\appdata\local\microsoft

3. Restart the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service (or just reboot).

Done. Gone.

Nissan Joining Aussie V8 Supercar Series

So… Nissan is throwing their hat in the ring with Ford and Holden in the Australian V8 Supercar Series, which is totally awesome.

Now… the Aussie series is a whole lot closer to "stock" car racing than NASCAR, so this one seems a bit surprising in that they completely redesigned the Altima to compete and it's absolutely nothing like the car you can buy at a dealership, which is not the case for Ford or Holden.

That said… it makes me want a few things for the future. Firstly, Nissan should join NASCAR!!! Just freakin' do it and fill the hole left by Dodge! If Toyota can make it work, then so can Nissan. Secondly… Toyota should join the Aussie series!!

Somebody make this happen!!!

Yesterday Was a Great Day for Racing!

Yesterday was a particularly great day for racing! It started with the F1 race from Abu Dhabi. While it was looking like Hamilton was going to take off from the pole and drive around a bunch until he won, it turned into much more than that.

Now, if his car hadn't died, Hamilton would have done exactly what you'd expect. It did die, though, and the rest what was going on behind him was amazing! Watching Vettel drive through the pack after starting from the pit lane was phenomenal, and he did it twice! Then, having Alonso battling his way forward and ultimately challenging Raikkonen for the lead was awesome.

Having Kimi take the win was well deserved and a great achievement in his first year back in the sport on a less-than-dominant team. Everyone should be happy about that!

Finally, there was LOADS of action all through the pack on a track that isn't terribly well known for passing. All in all, it was great fun to watch. If Vettel wins this championship, it will be very well deserved.

Next was the Sprint Cup race in Texas. This one had it's dull moments, but the closing laps were hugely entertaining with Brad and Jimmie, the two championship contenders (not to discount Bowyer who is definitely still in the mix) running 1st and 2nd and just going at it lap after lap, even making contact at one point. You can tell that Brad is fighting for this with everything he has and is willing to let it all hang out to go for the win. You can also tell that Jimmie is phenomenal and will take everything Brad has to give and still overcome to win races. That was great stuff all around.