Apparently Bible Math is Hard

It appears we got all worked up over nothing, as Harold Camping has declared that he apparently got the math wrong… again… and that now the apocolypse starts October 21st instead of this past weekend.

I can't help but think that if he just showed his work, maybe we could help him along and see where he keeps going wrong.

That seems to work reasonably well in school. You can't get part marks for just plunking down the wrong answer. You have to show how you got there so you can get some credit for anything you've done right and some guidance on where you've gone wrong.

I mean… I strongly suspect he's missed the part where the bible says that nobody but God can know when the end times will come… but maybe he's got that worked in and just forgot to carry a digit or something. Without seeing his work, who can know?

All we can know is that he's repeatedly getting it wrong, which makes it even harder to pretend to lend credibility to this new October date.

I wonder if he's just going to keep revising his dates until he's dead and doesn't have to answer questions anymore. Looking at pictures, he's really not far off.

What time is the apocolypse?

It seems like kind of a big deal… but I don't want to wake up early on a Saturday if I don't have to.

Have they set a time yet?

If I don't set an alarm, and end up getting raptured in my sleep, do you think there's a chance I could believe the whole thing is a dream and end up in a sort of mental limbo like in Inception??

A Fighter Jet Just Buzzed My House

Weird. I don't think I've ever seen one in this area before, and one just went by… circled around… and came within a few hundred metres of my roof.

That was weird!

I can't imagine what business they have flying so low over residential areas.

Edit: I added a link to a news story indicating nobody seems to be talking about what was going on. Very strange indeed!

Congratulations, Canada!

I think we should send out a big thank-you to Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party of Canada. Even though none of us wanted an election right now and it was completely unnecessary, in the end I believe it turned out quite well.

We've spent the past couple years under the constant threat of the opposition parties toppling the government as soon as they felt they'd have something to gain by it. Now, with the Conservative majority government, we can look forward to a few years of stability without this constant worry.

Congratulations to Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada for a job well done over the past few years. You've earned the privilege to run the country as you see fit for the next few years. Now is the time to earn the trust of Canadians and prove that you have good intentions for our future.

For the next few years, you have a responsibility to show respect for the taxpayers and make our country a better place for hard working Canadians to prosper.

If you muck it up, you'd better believe it will be your last opportunity in a long time. I sincerely hope that doesn't end up being the case.

I'd like to give a particular shout-out to the people in my riding, and all the others in the Toronto area, who clearly educated themselves on the issues involved and didn't just blindly vote for the Liberals again. I am frankly shocked and pleasantly surprised. In election after election I've had the feeling like my vote has been pointless and that I'm surrounded by a sea of lemmings. Yesterday you proved that I was wrong in that impression, and I amd very happy and proud of my fellow Canadians for having done that.

It may well turn out that we're not happy with how the Conservatives perform, and the Liberal party might get some good people in place over the next few years to make them a viable option again. Things may swing back in their direction, but at least now I'll feel like an actual choice was made, and that makes me happier.

If the Conservatives make a hash of things, I'll be first in line to vote against them. If, as they've done so far, they make my life better rather than worse, then I'll be quite happy to vote them back in.

I am proud to be a Canadian and feel privileged that we have the opportunity to go out and vote without threats of violence looming over our heads. So many people in the world are fighting and dying for this privilege. If you didn't bother, then shame on you. If you did, then I hope you're feeling the same pride that I am right now whether your preferred candidate won or not.

This is a good day for Canada!

Ding Dong The Witch is Dead

So Bin Laden is dead.

This seems like it should be one of those momentus occasions that everyone remembers for the rest of their lives.

Like the moon landing, or when Kennedy got killed or Sept. 11th.

So where were you when you found out? Was it memorable? I was naked as a jaybird. I think that makes pretty much any dramatic news seem quite a bit less dramatic. My reaction was mostly just "Well… that's something!" and then I proceeded to think about what clothes I might put on.

So that's that then.