Tila Tequila Looks Odd

This may well be a sign that I've become desensitized to violence in society.

I just read an article about Tila Tequila apparently being stoned (not high) at a concert.

Now, I have no idea what she was doing at a concert. Heck, I have no idea what she might be doing anywhere, as I really haven't a clue what it is she does. I know she was on some reality show, but I don't think she's a singer or an actress… or anything really.

All that's beside the point though. The sad part is that on seeing her all beat up in her picture, my first thought was "Hmm… I think maybe her eyes are too far apart".

Do You Care About Justin Bieber?

I don't. I think the only reason I read this article is that it had the word Hacked in it so I got suckered in.

Anyhow… I just read an article about Justin Bieber. It mentioned something about him taking revenge on someone for hacking his friend's twitter account or something. What I found amusing enough to post is this:

It's unclear exactly what Kristopik did that caused Justin Bieber to sic the equivalent of Greater Boston's population on him. But it appears to be payback on some level for Kristopik hacking the Twitter account of a childhood friend of Justin's named Ryan Butler, and using it to get Justin's phone number.

I'm just not sure why it says "childhood friend". Couldn't they have just said "friend"?


Watkins Glen: Best Race So Far of 2010!

I should have posted this a week ago. Watkins Glen had by far the best racing of the year.

I look forward to both the Sprint Cup road cours races every year because there's always great racing going on, but this one was exceptional.

It was too bad that Marcos Ambrose's last set of tires didn't work out so well, as the battle between him and Montoya through the middle of the race was epic! I sure hope he manages to win a race before his time in Sprint Cup is up. That guy sure deserves it!

Congrats to Montoya for the well fought victory just the same!