OMG! I just watched the New Kids on the Block perform on the MMVA’s (actually, they’re still going) and they are EVERYTHING I WANTED THEM TO BE!!

Let me qualify this by saying that I think my older sister was their biggest fan ever when I was a kid (and, as it turns out, perhaps my wife was as well) so I was subjected to all their crap when they were bigger than sliced bread.

That said, watching them try to stage a comeback now comes with great amusement for me. I mean… I wanted them to be bad but GAT, DAMN are they EVA!!!

I couldn’t have asked for more entertainment!

Before he opened his mouth, I joked that someone was going to have to kick the youngest one in the nads for him to be able to pull off his parts. When he finished… I couldn’t help but think it would have helped!!

So… umm… Wow. They’re even wearing Miami Vice-esque white suits. How cool is that!!??

Hooray for Dale Jr!!!


Dale Jr. finally pulled one out, after coming so close, so many times in recent years!

Huge props to Dale! It was only a matter of time. Hopefully my picking him will launch me back into the top 1000 in the NASCAR Streak to the Finish fantasy game!

And WOOT for Tony, who came in 5th. I see a win coming in his near future as well!