Halibut Without the Heat

Friday I had the pepperoni and mushroom pizza at Saute’s.

It’s probably not the best item on the menu. Not as good as the Chicken Parm. I just felt like having it, and I enjoyed it.

Today I tried the halibut burrito at Burrito Boyz but without any hot sauce. I just thought I’d see how the fish taste came through without the hot sause to zest it up.

I think it’s better with the hot sauce. A burrito really should have a bit of kick to it.

It's a Good Week.

Yesterday, we went to the Chinese place and I had the 10 with noodles. It was wonderful. It was as good as I remembered and is still my favourite item on the menu.

You should go there and try it.

Today, at the TD Center food court, I had the Pad Thai from Thai Island. Again, it was wonderful and you should try it.

Yes folks, this is what this blog is here for. I try all the crap, so you don't have to!

Now I can't wait for tomorrow! Wherever I end up, I know it's going to be good!

Don't Trust the Energy Retailers!

I found this amusing.

The CEO of one of North America's largest energy retailers has this to say about the price of electricity.

Taken from here: http://www.thestar.com/Business/article/191105

King has long argued that Ontario electricity prices are too artificially low and that conservation campaigns will have limited success unless users of electricity start to pay its true market value. It also constrains the growth of distributed generation, including renewables such as solar and geothermal. "If centralized generation (such as coal, nuclear and natural gas) continues to be subsidized, it's very difficult to make those distributed generation products competitive and compelling for households."

Now consider what his company does. His company charges users a fixed rate that is higher than the going market rate for power. They lock their customers into this higher rate for terms of several years based on powerful threats that the price of power is going to go through the roof and they will not be able to afford it.

Until now, it's my understanding that this has always been a losing proposition and that the market rate for power has always been lower than what people pay with these retailer contracts. If that is incorrect, some please cite a contradicting source.

Now consider what would happen if this guy were to be taken seriously on this.

If the price of power were to rise, like he wants it to, he would finally after all these years be able to claim that clients of the energy retailers had actually saved some money. Then they'd be able to sign up countless more suckers for these plans, showing that someone had actually benefitted in some way.

For him to position himself as an environmentalist is laughable. What he is, is a scam artist and this is just another ploy in his scheme to cheat people out of their money.


Mega Wraps: Chicken Caesar

It's the first day of the "eat what you want" week and I ended up in the crappiest food court. Go figure.

There's just nothing all that good in the CBC food court, so I settled for the classic chicken caesar wrap at Mega Wraps. It's always tasty, and was again.

I very nearly got a Big Mac combo though. It's just THAT good a food court!

Chicken Quesadilla

Burrito Boyz today.

I tried the chicken quesadilla and found it way more manageable than the last quesadilla I had back in December.

This one didn't completely come apart when I ate it, so I enjoyed it a lot more.

As I said last time though… there seems to be a lot less food than the burritos for not much less money. Beyond that… there really isn't much of a difference. All the same stuff in different packaging.

When you go to Burrito Boyz, get a burrito.

KFC Lousy Value Box

At KFC today, I couldn't remember which of their new value boxes I'd already tried, so I got the new one they're listing with them.

Hardly a value, there wasn't any salad or pie with it. Just two pieces of chicken (specified as leg and thigh), two chicken strips, fries and a drink.

Wasn't worth it. If you're getting one of these, get one with the salad and pie. That's when it becomes a good deal. So long as you don't accidentally toss out the pie…

This Blog Sucks

This blog licks balls. What's the point of finding out what all the best foods are, if you can never go back and eat them again?

With that in mind, I'm declaring next week to be "eat the good stuff" week. Wherever I end up for lunch next week, I'm going to have whatever it is I've decided is my favourite thing there.

As always, you'll hear about it here. I'm interested to see whether my favourites are really still as good as I remember, or whether I just miss them so much that they've been elevated in my head.

Saute's Chicken Parm with Alfredo

Today at Saute's I ordered the regular chicken parm meal with a mushroom alfredo pasta instead of what it normally comes with.

It was ok, but the alfredo sauce was far too soupy and not nearly creamy enough for my taste. Next time I'll try it with the meat sauce. That seems to be the way to go with this one.

With lots of cheese on it as usual, the breaded chicken was most excellent.

More Chinese and Some Sort of Sandwich

Yesterday at the Chinese place, I had what one of the regular crowd has. Beef Chow Mein I think.

It wasn't as good as a 10 with noodles. I really miss the 10 with noodles. I think I might have to have it again just to ensure I haven't just built it up in my head in all this time.

Today I went to Pumpernickels to have the schnizel sandwich without cheese. I wanted to see whether the cheese really made any difference.

When I got there though, there was a sign advertising some sort of chicken sandwich special. It said something about cranberries, triple decker, and bacon so I got one.

Once I had it, I wished I'd got the schnizel. It just looked like a regular sandwich, and not nearly as big as I was expecting.

It was delicious though. There was grilled chicken, bacon, and all sorts of other stuff I can't even describe but that tasted really good.

Not really worth the money they wanted for it, but I was happy to have had it after the fact.