Bean Burrito and Mc Crispy Chicken

Yesterday we were back at Burrito Boyz and I finally bit the bullet and had the bean and cheese burrito.

I'd been dreading running out of delicious meat-enhanced items on the menu and having to try the veggie ones.

I have to say… I really enjoyed it! I asked for some extra cheese when they were making it. It turned out pretty amazing.

Curiously though, it went through me like it was stuffed with Castor oil or something. By the time I got back to work, it was ready to come out. It was like living a stereotype.

Today was different. Plans got mucked up and by 1:20 or so I was just starving and looking for something… anything… to eat.

I headed down to get a vendor dog and again, the cart wasn't there. Then I figured I might as well get the McChicken I was intending to try on Monday.

I got to McD's and decided on the grilled chicken sandwich.

Curiously though, if you want to order the grilled chicken sandwich combo, #8 on the menu, you have to say "number eight combo please". As it turns out, if you instead say "number seven combo please" they then give you something entirely different.

What I ended up with was a crispy chicken sandwich. I can't even remember what it was officially called. McCrispyChickenSandwich I suppose.

My only lasting impression of it was that is should probably cost less. It tasted ok for a quick lunch. I think the most exciting flavour in it was the mayo. I couldn't help but think of how much better a Spicy Big Crunch was. McD's needs some spicy mayo or something to jazz things up.

Also, apparently "4 packets" qualifies as "lots of ketchup" in the McDonalds lexicon. Cheap buggers.


Today I actually ended up sidetracked by colourful posters on my way to McD's.

I was getting ready to try the grilled chicken burger thing when I turned toward the big array of posters in front of MegaWraps and they looked far more appealing.

I ended up with a Chili Chicken Wrap which was pretty good. For $8 I got that and a bottle of water.

As said, it was pretty good. That's about it. A bit too much hot sauce and maybe too much lettuce and not quite enough chicken but all in all, not bad.

Not nearly as good as the chicken caesar wrap I usually get there though. I'll have to have that next time…

HAL Burgers

Today on the way to Burrito Boyz, we looked around and figured getting sidetracked wouldn't be such a bad idea.

First we checked out the menu of a Mexican place along the way and decided we just didn't feel like spending that much on lunch.

Besides, half the menu seemed to be in Spanish so I couldn't even figure out whether a burrito was going to be too expensive or not.

We continued on our way toward BB when we came across HAL Burgers. The prices looked reasonable and it seemed interesting so we went in.

The place was rather different. It's all very bright green and the chairs are molded plastic, probably from Ikea. It all seemed a bit too playful to be good but it wasn't long before that changed.

Shortly after ordering our drinks, the waitress dropped off a little tray with three bowls in it and some little spoons. These were the house condiments, which was some sort of home made ketchup, mustard-that-looks-like-yellow-caviar, and some sort of peppery mayo. Suddenly things were feeling upscale.

The burger I had was most excellent, though tough to really consider a burger. It was a big chunk of chicken patty with slices of genuine brie (with the skin and all), some sort of apple sauce, and smoked ham that made a great substitute for peameal bacon. It was all on a sort of sliced loaf rather than a burger bun and it was delicious!

With it was a pile of fries that were a bit too thin for my liking but a forkfull of them did a good job of scooping up the house ketchup. I was happy to have them instead of the salad, which certainly wouldn't have scooped ketchup quite the same.

While this place was definitely a bit too costly to be a regular lunch haunt, at roughly double what I normally pay for lunch, it was definitely worth checking out. If you're just going out with someone for a nice sit-down meal for a reasonable price, give it a shot and I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Be forewarned though… the Philly Cheese Steak is not going down without a fight.

The Gas Station of the Future

This is cool. It’s the gas station of the future, in your own garage.

Solar Powered Hydrogen Station (Link no longer available).

I’m sure it’s still quite some time away, but imagine a future where you’re no longer dependent on others for your daily energy needs.

I don’t know enough about hydrogen use as a fuel to know how far reaching this will be, but it’s nice to dream about a future where your weekly and monthly expenses don’t fluctuate at the whims of the gas companies.

I wonder what sort of fuel cell installation you’d need to power your entire house…

KFC Snackers are crap.


KFC. It's still overpriced and I've just had the Snacker sandwiches for the first time. I had some "value" meal that came with two of them. I think the highlight of the meal was the macaroni salad, which is good, but should never be the highlight of a meal.

The Snackers are just way too much crunchy breading and not nearly enough chicken. I'd much rather have one Big Crunch than two of the Snackers.

Add to that the mediocre fries and the tasty but entirely unappetizing looking apple pie thing and you have a lunch that just doesn't measure up.

I think I made mention of not going to KFC anymore last time I went there. I really should listen to myself now and then.

Hero Certified Burgers: Peameal!

As a follow up to December 4th's lunch, I went back to Hero Certified Burgers today and had the 6oz Peameal Bacon Burger and it was much better than the plain one I had last time around.

Of course, for $10.09 it had better be.

While I thoroughly enjoyed it, I can't help but note that I could have had a large burrito from Burrito Boyz with a can of pop for less than this.

Great taste here, but not terribly good value.

Small Halibut Burrito

It seems these entries are getting old.

I'm really just burning through the menu and trying to avoid the non-meat stuff at this point.

Went to Burrito Boyz… ordered burrito… it was delicious. Same ol'…

Worth noting though, is that the small halibut burrito is definitely worth getting over the large one. Frankly, I can barely tell the difference between the two and it's a buck or so less.

Mr. Souvlaki

I went out to get some street meat and found all the vendors missing. I'm not sure where they went, but all the hot dog carts were gone off my street. They were filming something across the street so they may have been removed for that. I don't know. All I know is that I wanted some street meat and couldn't find any.

I ended up at the food court across the street trying to find something I was in the mood for. I didn't… but settled on Greek food.

It was about as good as any other Greek fast food place… which is to say not very good at all. Pretty bland tasting, but the salad was fresh and probably good for me and the potatos were tasty.

All in all, it was probably reasonably healthy, though not very satisfying.