Greed will destroy the world.

I just read the entire text at It's an excellent, well-written piece of work. Be forewarned though… it's quite lengthy if you're looking for a quick read. You'll have to get through it though if you intend to get any real understanding as to the motivation of this entry though.

Throughout the essay, I couldn't help but question my own motivations for the pursuits in my life. I look at the things that I am attempting to accomplish and see not greed as the primary motivator, but rather entertainment and the pursuit of happiness. I own a big TV not to be elevated above my neighbours but because I enjoy watching movies. I want a nice house so I can provide a comfortable environment for my wife and, hopefully some day, kids to come home to, not because I want to deny someone else a place to live.

Of course, as I continued to read I could easily see the ways in which society, and by "society" I suppose I mean the media and corporate voices within it, is promoting greed and excess as the ultimate successes. This wasn't news to me. A few minutes of TV will make that undeniably obvious.

Am I kidding myself then? Am I self-righteously justifying my greed? Should I be looking elsewhere for my happiness?

Where then, do we draw the line? As I work to make my mortgage payments while trying to make life more enjoyable, should I be denying myself the things I like while giving more to charities? Should I take personal responsibility for the plight of the poor while the rich continue to indulge?

Having used welfare to pay my bills while I finished school and taken loans to pay for a degree that I'm still paying for, I have first hand experience of the ability to rise above the position in society I inherited. Is it wrong for me to expect the same of others?

Of course, I recognize that I certainly didn't come from the very lowest rungs of society. They may not have the benefit of the moral guidance that allowed me to pursue things that would elevate me rather than simply struggling for survival. Is the solution then to redistribute wealth or is the solution to provide a proper education at a youngr age? Rather than focusing on the alphabet and adding numbers, should we be spending more time teaching morals and societal behaviour in the earliest grades? This should be the job of parents and families but I think we can all agree that there are far too many cases out there in which this doesn't happen. If you guide children to act in such a way in which they can take control of their own destinies, will they learn from that?

And finally… is there any accounting for the differing abilities among people? While we'd like to believe that all people are created equal, there is no denying that some people are more capable than others and that those who aren't end up suffering for it. What is the solution to that?

I guess in the end, I'm left with a better understanding of the problems with modern society and the role that greed is playing in it, but I'm not necessarily sure what I should be doing about it, if anything at all.

I feel a little bit helpless now. Maybe I should go out and buy his book. Of course, that would contribute to his wealth and thus, to the downfall of society. No. Instead I think I'll go home and rest up so I can go back to work tomorrow for the Man and continue to eke out my existance as best I can.

Why not show the Leafs in HD??

What's wrong with TSN and Sportsnet? Were the folks at MLSE charging too much for them to do HD? How come CBC can do it?

Even the ghetto LeafsTV broadcasts have a magic HD channel that pops up just for game time!!

Lick my balls, TSN and Sportsnet. Put up or shut up. If you can't do it right, let someone else show the games! Preferably someone who's not gonna charge us money. Yeah… I'm lookin' at you, you LeafsTV bastards!

This Just In! My Sperm is of the Highest Quality!

Just came across this tidbit.

It was found that the heaviest users, those who used their phones for more than four hours a day had the lowest average sperm counts, at 50 million per millilitre (ml) and the least healthy sperm.

Men who used their phones for between two and four hours a day averaged sperm counts of 69 million per ml and had moderately healthy sperm.

Those who said they did not use mobile phones at all had the highest average sperm counts, of 86 million per ml, and their sperm was of the highest quality seen.

There you have it. I don't use a cell phone. I therefore have super sperm. Logic is awesome.

A Burrito Tried to Kill Me

Today at lunch I was sent to a place for the best burrito I've ever had. Of course, my burrito history is mostly non-existant but that's not the point.

This one was good. Try the place if you get the chance. It's worth the wait in line.

Unfortunately, nobody has ever mentioned to me that when you grill a burrito shell, the outside can form into razor sharp flakes that will stab you given the slightest opportunity.

5 or 6 bites in, I wiped my mouth and came a way with a napkin sopping with blood.

I'd managed to brush up against the burrito with that bit of face between the lower lip and the chin and the burrito went right through it.

Who knew.

Try the burritos. Just be careful and don't say I didn't warn you.

I Know Where the Money Is

Read the whole article here.

More than $380bn has either been stolen or wasted by Nigerian governments since independence in 1960, the chief corruption fighter has said.

It's a shame nobody has asked me. I got an email just the other day from some guy with billions in the bank in Nigeria who wanted my help to retrieve it. He offered a nice sum for my services, too!

It's a shame I'm too lazy to help foreign embezzlers launder their windfalls.

On an unrelated note… I guess my prediction that the Mets would go to the World Series and get beat by the Tigers is moot. Now it'll be the Cardinals getting chewed up by the Tigers. Makes for better editorial cartoons I suppose.

Welcome to the Master Race

I think I'll spend the next few years creating tall, slim, healthy, attractive, intelligent, creative, coffee-coloured people.

They'll then go on to take over the world and rule over the dim-witted, ugly, squat goblin-like creatures… which is to say everyone else outside my social circle. Except Angelina Jolie I suppose.

It's all pre-ordained here:

Of course, I should probably put forth more of an effort at being slimmer and healthier…

Some stuff doesn't have to be law.

Right now, the law says that you can put as many people as you want in your car so long as the driver isn't crowded and all available seatbelts are being used.

This makes sense. If there's a seatbelt there, you should use it so I don't have to pay to piece you back together after you're thrown out into oncoming traffic.

Sometimes, however, you need to fit an extra person in the vehicle and there just isn't a belt there. In that case, should the law force you to find some other form of transportation?

If you can only fit your family of 5 in your car, and your cousin comes to visit, do you have to leave him home when you go out to dinner?

If you're going to do a job and your truck only has 3 seatbelts in it, can you not take 4 people?

Over the weekend some people died because there were 10 of them in a minivan and not enough seatbelts. That's unfortunate, but does it mean the law should be changed to prevent this from ever happening again? Would those people be safe and sound right now if the laws were different?

It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth when laws are changed based on current stories in the media rather than based on actual statistics showing a real problem. It seems to me like political posturing when they could be doing something far more constructive with their time. I guess time will tell what comes out of this but I can only hope they're looking at all the consequences before just going ahead and making up new laws. A lot of people will be negatively impacted by what could amount to very little in the way of positive outcomes.

Most minutes by a team in a season?

4 out of the Leafs first 6 games have gone into OT. This makes me wonder… is there some standing record for the most minutes played by an NHL team in a season?

Congrats to Mats on the stellar goal! I couldn't watch the game but it really doesn't get much better than that for a 500th goal… shorthanded… in OT… to complete a hat trick!

And finally… GO TIGERS!!! They took out the big guns in NY so they should be able to make short work of their slow, overshadowed cousin, the Mets.

Is Insulation an Inhalent?

Is Insulation an Inhalent? I'm guessing it's not. I'm sure I inhaled litres of the stuff last night and didn't even get a headrush.

I probably shaved a few years off my lifespan though.

Crawling around in an attic filled with fluffy cloud-matter that sends off masses of dust and fibres whenever you touch it really isn't as fun as it sounds.

Of course, I DID find the 1996 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition up there along with an autographed picture of Paul Tracy

Hooray for small victories.