I'm still alive!!

Just didn't want anyone out there to start worrying. The wife and I have bought our first house and moved in and I've been off work getting everything in order.

Now I'm going to start paying property taxes. A whole new tax for me to watch get misappropriated.

Can you believe I only get my garbage picked up every other week? Yet city councellors get free bus passes… go figure!

Still slaving away at work.

As it turns out, I don't work at Dollarama and I'm not some chick in Kitchener so I may have been a bit premature in declaring myself a millionaire.

It's a shame, really. The world is just going to have to go on being sucky without my intervention for a while longer.

At least it's nice to see some people winning big that seem unlikely to have become independantly wealthy on their own or unlikely to die before being able to enjoy it. Much better than when you see rich people or one-foot-in-the-grave old people win.

Speaking of which…

Last night as I dropped by Rona to pick some stuff up, an elderly but quite able-bodied couple pulled into a handicapped parking spot and trotted into the store. Sure enough, they've got a handicapped card in their windshield. Now I'm no doctor (or am I?), but if you don't at least need a stick to walk around, then I think you can park out in the sticks with the rest of us. Being retarded does not entitle you to a closer parking spot!!

Who will defend Lebanon???

"Who will defend Lebanon in case of a new Israeli offensive?" he asked. "The Lebanese army and international troops are incapable of protecting Lebanon," he said, flanked by Lebanese and Hezbollah flags.

That's from Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah. It just begs the question… would Lebanon need defending if Hezbollah didn't go around starting conflicts?


Now to answer his question… wouldn't the Lebanese army defend Lebanon if such defense were needed? As I understand it, they weren't involved in this ordeal because Israel wasn't attacking with the intent to hurt Lebanon but, rather, with the intent to hurt Hezbollah who was using Lebanon as their playground. So really, if Lebanon was in need of defense, it was against Hezbollah making them a target. Seems to me that Israel was actually helping them out in this regard. I don't recall hearing anything about the Lebanese army going in and stopping Hezbollah from keeping the conflict raging.

Maybe that just didn't make the news… but I doubt it.

More money than you can shake a stick at.

Our lottery here has ballooned up to $42 million. That's a lot of money and I fully intend to win it.

For all my concerns about the complete incompetancy of our government, a big chunk of change like that would go a long way toward getting me into office where I can make a go at setting things straight.

I have to wonder though. Is there anyone in office right now who went in wanting to make possitive changes to this country? Is anyone concerned with stopping the misappropriation of taxpayer's money?

If so, what happened? Is the system so corrupt that even those with good intentions end up buried within the beaurocracy and reduced to ineffectual mouthpieces, held off to the side for their lack of political affiliation? Is there really anything that can be done to prevent the eventual slide into a complete collapse of government?

God willing, we'll all get a chance to find out.

A tax on people bad a math, eh? I suppose it's to the benefit of my unrealistic ambitions that I couldn't count apples with an abacus if my life depended on it.

Anyone wanna see me naked?

Why is it that women are allowed to dress appropriately for the hot weather but guys are not?

Now I'm not for a moment suggesting that they cover up. That would be a huge step backwards and nobody is complaining about them coming out practically in their skivvies when the thermometer boils over.

It doesn't seem fair, however, that I'd probably be fired in a heardbeat if I came in wearing boxers and a wifebeater. How's THAT for equality?

I know that nobody wants to see my hairy legs walkin' around the city… but let's face it… nobody wants to see me walking around in a puddle of sweat, either! Which is the lesser evil??

WTF?? How am I supposed to watch this at work??


That links to Nissan's Australian site where you can watch their TV commercial featuring Kim Cattrall acting raunchy.

It might be amusing. I don't know. It goes full-screen as soon as you start to view it using their stupid viewer and proprietary format. I can't be sitting here watching full-screen tv on my screen!!

Stupid website designer!! DON'T HIJACK MY COMPUTER!!!