Merry Christmas, Everyone! 
Merry Christmas, and my very best wishes to you and yours for all the holiday season!!

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The Titanic Slide?? 
On my way in to work this morning, I saw a truck with big pictures on the side of various party novelties. I expect they're one of those party rental companies where you get bouncy castles and what not.

What I found particularly disturbing though was that one of the major items was a Titanic themed slide.

Seriously. For a small fee, you can have your children laughing and playing while re-enacting the deaths of 1500 or so people. What fun!

Is it just me or is this in really bad taste? Wasn't that an unthinkable tragedy?

What's next? An Auschwitz-themed bouncy castle? Would that be ok??

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NASCAR Streak to the Finish: The Mopps 2011 Final Standings 
Here's the final standings for The Mopps.

Rank Overall Name Longest Streak Bonus Total
1 550 ToyotaChick 8 540 1439
2 863 Tilly 7 470 1351
3 1458 Sunraven 4 300 1238
4 1709 Wild Weasel 6 380 1200
5 3829 Jakob Tilford 3 180 966
6 4484 brew-san 3 150 903
7 8731 toyotachicjr 3 70 471

Overall a huge showing for the Tilfords this time around! The Hopps rallied at the end to at least keep half the Tilfords behind them, and Bruce made a valiant effort at chasing down Jakob. Special props to Paige who, after starting quite late, very nearly ran down Kevin before he got up and running near the end.

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Congratulations, Tony Stewart! 
Congratulations, Tony Stewart, on winning the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship!

And THANK YOU for giving us what was probably the absolute best championship battle ever seen, and what may well have been the best racing I've ever watched.

Last night's final race of the season was the stuff of legend. If they'd made a movie about it, you'd be rolling your eyes halfway through, thinking the writers had taken it just a tad bit too far.

I mean... Rocky getting knocked down and counted to 8 can only happen so many times before you say "Ok... I get it... he's gonna get back up..." and just think the movie is plain silly.

Last night's race had the equivalent of that at least 5 times, and that's just what I'm thinking of off the top of my head.

In an unbelievably incredible effort, Tony was able to win the race and the championship by tying Carl Edwards in points and winning the tie-breaker due to the number of race wins... ALL of which came in the Chase.

This story had everything. My favourite driver vs. my least favourite. Plenty of adversity. Downright lunatic driving. It was definitely one for the ages!!

Congrats again on number 3, Tony! You earned it!

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What is Wrong With the Greeks? 
So the Greeks seem determined to plunge the world into another deep recession.

Now... the fact that they're able to do this is a topic of its own, but that's not my point here.

I'm just wondering whether they're doing it on purpose to line their own pockets. The people in charge are part of the infamous 1% right? So this seems like the sort of thing they'd do... and rest of the world be damned.

If the Greeks look like they're about to resolve their issues and take care of business, the markets go up like a rocket.

If they give the indication that they're full of crap and can't resolve anything at all, the markets drop like a rock.

So if you're in charge there... and you buy a bunch of index funds... you'd do well to announce to the world that everything is under control.

Then you sell your funds at a massive profit. You then short-sell a bunch of ETF's and... I don't know... maybe announce that you've changed your mind and decided to let the people decide in some snap referendum.

There's another massive profit.

And so on and so forth.

I mean... these guys know exactly what's going to happen based on what they decide to do. How do we know they're not all just messing with us for their own gain? They're politicians, right?

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