I like my life. 
This past weekend I was sitting on my sofa looking around, wishing my wife was home from work and just thinking about how great my life is.

Looking back to what my life was like 15 years ago or so, just getting into high school with the whole world ahead of me, I think I've now got everything I ever wanted out of life.

For all the hustle and bustle of trying to get ahead, get a better job, get promoted, buy this, save for that... it's nice to be able to sit back and realize that even if nothing ever changes, and this is as good as it gets, I'm quite content.

I have a good life. I have a wife that loves me. I have good friends. I have a roof over my head... that's somewhat mine... and all is well with the world as it pertains to me.

Thanks God. You da man!

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Slutty and the Beast Buy a Lovenest? 
I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure I saw Belinda Stronach and Tie Domi heading into the sales office of the Ritz Carlton at lunch today.

If one of them owns an Audi S8, then that was probably them.

Talk about one hell of a nice love shack!

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Stop the Presses! Britney and Kevin are Splitsville! 
Wow. Who say this one coming? He seemed like such a stand-up guy! </dripping_sarcasm>

At least now we can look forward to seeing him get the snot kicked out of him on Celebrity Boxing in a few years. He deserves it for cursing the world with his attempts at being a rapper or hip-hop artist or whatever the hell he thought he was doing.

Yeah... you're a superstar alright!


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People With Uber-Lame Lives 
If your commute to and from work is the best part of your day, you've either got one seriously kick-ass ride or your life is uber-lame!!

I mean, I have days where I absolutely hate being at work... and I suppose that on those days the drive both in and home is generally more enjoyable than actually being there... but that doesn't hold a candle to actually being at home and able to do whatever I feel like.

Here's the article.

Those people seriously gotta STFU. It's studies like that which are going to keep the powers that be from trying to reduce my commute times because they think I'm happy as a lark fighting our way through rush hour traffic every day!

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Ancient Legs or Birth Defect? 
Some fishermen caught a dolphin with extra fins and now scientists are wondering if they're the remains of ancient legs from when they walked around on land.

Couldn't it just be a freak dolphin?

Haven't they had snakes and chickens and stuff with two heads? Does that mean there used to be a bunch of two-headed animals running around a million years ago?

When's a freaky dolphin just a freaky freaky dolphin?

Ok... really I just had nothing better to post than a gimpy fish.

Go back to your lives now.

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