What a fun weekend in motorsports! 
I just got a shiny new PVR so now I can actually catch the F1 races without having to skip my Sunday beauty sleep.

Yesterday's race was just plain good fun, unless of course you're a Ferrari fan. Watching them foul up their own seemingly sure victory was great entertainment.

Then, in the Sprint Cup race, seeing Hot Carl divebomb the corner and plant himself into the wall in a last ditch attempt to pass Jimmie was hilarious! I'm no Hot Carl fan, but I give him props for the insane attempt, and Jimmie full credit for keeping a cool head while watching it unfold, and then just driving by for the win.

I'm all for Jimmie winning three championships in a row. He may not be my favourite (though I suppose he's close), but he and Chad sure do deserve it for the way they work together!

As for Clint Bowyer, who I had picked to keep my winning streak going in the Fantasy game, he deserves a firm KITN for blowing it not once, but twice by speeding on pit road. He tossed away a certain top 10 finish with that bone-head move. I'm sure Mikey was giggling to himself when he heard about that one.

And finally... WTF is up with JGR???

I honestly feel terrible for Kyle Busch. Love him or hate him, he should be fighting right now for the lead and it's just a shame that car troubles have completely killed his chase. Here's hoping next year will at least give him the opportunity he deserves at the end, which is to be a contender winning or losing on the track rather than in the garage.

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It's the Rowdy Busch and Hot Carl Show!!! 
The next few Sprint Cup races before the Chase begins are going to be an absolute blast.

Bumping Kyle out of the way on Saturday night, Hot Carl has officially thrown down the gauntlet and I expect every other driver will be doing their best now to just stay away from either of them.

Up until now, neither of them cared about anything but winning. Now I think it's just as important to each of them that if they can't win... neither can the other guy.

It should make for some great fun, and I really hope Kyle gets the better end of the deal.

Or we could just get lucky and HC could break something during one of his smarmy backflips.

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Isn't Goodyear a Tire Company?? 
Yesterday's fiasco at the Brickyard should be an embarrassment for Goodyear. Nobody in NASCAR seems to want to place the blame on them, but aren't they responsible for the tires everyone is mandated to use? Haven't they been to the brickyard before? Doesn't anyone else think that with all the resources available to them, they may have been able to produce something that could last more than 10 laps?

The whole thing looked to me like a shameful display of incompetance. It's just too bad Smoke (and everyone else) seem to have been given the business beforehand with regard to saying anything bad about Goodyear this time around.

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The NASCAR Gods Have Frowned Upon Me 
Yesterday was a great day for racing. If you're a race fan, you couldn't help but be entertained.

While I hadn't planned on waking in time to catch it, I managed to see the end of the Monaco GP and was happy to see LHJ coming in for the win. Good for him! I'm not much of an F1 fan, but as they seem to be putting the skill back into the driving with some of the driver aids taken away, it's nice to see the top notch driver taking a win after racing in the rain without traction control. Very good!

Then came the Indy 500. The greatest spectacle in racing, as they say. I have to admit that I'm not much of an IRL fan either, but the 500 was great fun to watch, even if just to see whether this would be Danica's year. You just can't help but love watching her race. Waching Sarah Fisher crying like a girl after crashing out was just plain sad, so having Danica up in arms and ready to kill after she was taken out was a refreshing reminder of just how much she fits in.

Finally, the Coke 600 just wouldn't let me have a victory, however small. I had all sorts of chances. My top fantasy racing team had Jimmie Johnson picked to win, and all seemed to be going swimmingly until his engine blew up. Then it seemed that at least one of my favs would take the win, with Jr. running strong at the front before crashing into the wall. Even that didn't deter me though, as my boy Tony took his spot and seemed like he was on a cake walk to the finish before also losing a tire and hitting the wall.

It just wasn't meant to be, but was at least hugely entertaining.

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If you're not a NASCAR fan, don't write about NASCAR! 
Reading this article in the Star just made me shake my head.

If there's one quote that proves the writer doesn't know NASCAR, it's this one:

So NASCAR finally got what it wanted – 43 to 50 drivers who pretty much all look the same, talk the same, behave the same and – well – are the same. (I really mean that. Kyle Busch won the Aaron’s 499 at Talladaga yesterday and the first thing he said, the very first words out of his mouth when he got out of the car were: "I really want to thank M&M’s." What is with those guys?)

Everyone knows that the first thing you do in NASCAR is thank your sponsors. They're paying the bills, and you want to make them happy. That doesn't mean you're just like everyone else.

Anyone who's paid any attention to NASCAR over the past couple years knows that Kyle Busch is about as different from everyone else as he could possibly be without growing a new limb and wearing a clown nose.

My only complaint about the race coverage wasn't speculation on when the Big One would happen, but, rather, the commentators need to explain a number of times why the race wasn't boring.

If you don't know NASCAR, then perhaps it didn't seem all that interesting but that's not their fault. It takes time to understand what's going on and you can't just become a fan overnight. The fact that there were more lead changes and more leaders than in any other race this season should have been proof enough that something interesting was going on.

Just about every lap had some sort of excitement in it involving who was on the move forward or who'd been shuffled to the back. You could see the strategy developing and see people testing out what their cars could do in different spots. Hell, watching Denny Hamlin push just about everyone up to the front of the pack at any given time was great entertainment! You just knew he had a plan for the end. It was just a shame that we didn't get to see what it was.

Having Tony and Jr. playing at the front for half the race was great fun, and you couldn't help but cringe when they got together not once, but twice toward the end, ultimately ruining both their days. Knowing that they're friends and what a bad stroke of luck it was added to the drama of the race. I was hoping either one or the other would win it, but it wasn't to be.

Finally, having the Wild Thing go a lap down but hold his place at the front until he could pick up the Lucky Dog was great fun, and you just knew the last lap was going to be incredible. It was just too bad the Big One didn't happen a lap earlier so as not to ruin the finish. That was a shame, but in the end a worthy driver took the checkers so I suppose not all was lost.

All in all, I thought it was a great race from start to finish and expect most other fans thought the same, despite what some clueless writers might think.

Congrats Kyle! You drove a great race!

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