As a bit of an homage to the dead weasel's blog...

Yarr!! Happy TLAPD!

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The Website is Down 
This was just sent to me today and I was just about in tears by the end of it.

Too funny to not pass on.



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Yay! TheStar has the AutoBlog back! 
They tried this once a while back, and I was excited about contributing. Then it disappeared.

Now it's back.

There's nothing really notable there yet, but I look forward to what Mr. Kenzie has to say in such an interactive medium. Here's hoping it lasts longer than the last one did.


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Stay at home moms are worth WHAT?? 
Salary.com has done some sort of study and determined that based on the work they do, a stay at home parent, if compensated as though it were their job, would make $117,000 USD a year.

See the story here: http://www.citynews.ca/news/news_22526.aspx

Now I'm sure they put great effort into coming up with that, but let's put a little perspective on it.

Let's say you were given a $117k cheque each year to hire someone to take care of your kids. Would you hire your mom, or do you think you could probably do better?

This isn't a slight against anyone's mom. Just puttin' it out there to chew on.

Of course, they could probably do even better if they unionized, and wouldn't have to work nearly as hard.

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I Want to Punch Bill Gates 
SQL Server seems like it would be important enough to be mostly bug-free, but I came across what I think it a rather major flaw in the reporting services.

I tried to use this function to set a field.

=IIf(IsNumeric(Fields!Data.Value), CDbl(Fields!Data.Value), Fields!Data.Value)

Simple, right? If the value is a number, then turn it into a number so I can use numeric formatting methods on it.

If it's not a number, then just leave it alone and display it.

Does it work? No. It fails because SQL is too stupid to ignore the statement that should only be invoked if the condition is met.

If the data is not numeric, I get an error because SQL tries to do the CDbl conversion anyway.

Here is my solution:

=IIf(IsNumeric(Fields!Data.Value), CDbl(IIf(IsNumeric(Fields!Data.Value), Fields!Data.Value, "0"), Fields!Data.Value)

Clever? Maybe. It certainly illustrates how stupid SQL is being.

Now where's Bill???

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