It's the Rowdy Busch and Hot Carl Show!!! 
The next few Sprint Cup races before the Chase begins are going to be an absolute blast.

Bumping Kyle out of the way on Saturday night, Hot Carl has officially thrown down the gauntlet and I expect every other driver will be doing their best now to just stay away from either of them.

Up until now, neither of them cared about anything but winning. Now I think it's just as important to each of them that if they can't win... neither can the other guy.

It should make for some great fun, and I really hope Kyle gets the better end of the deal.

Or we could just get lucky and HC could break something during one of his smarmy backflips.

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I like Flashpoint 
There's a new show on CTV called Flashpoint. It's Canadian made, and filmed in Toronto, and makes no effort to disguise this fact. Much of the series so far has been right in the downtown core and has made heavy use of local landmark sites like RBC Plaza and the Eaton Centre.

When word of this show started making the rounds, I fully expected it to be just another crappy Canadian made drama with mediocre production values and nothing to keep watchers from just switching over to one of the more mainstream competitors. Boy, was I ever pleasantly surprised!

I've seen three episodes now, and thoroughly enjoyed every one! This show is GOOD! Perhaps there's a certain amount of novelty in seeing my daily surroundings in the show, but there's real quality here that goes quite beyond that. The characters are interesting, and the situations are very topical and engaging.

If you haven't seen it yet, I strongly suggest you take the time to watch. It's far better than I was expecting, and certainly good enough to keep me coming back for more each week.

As an interesting sidenote, it looks like CBS is impressed as well, as they'll be airing the show in prime time in the US now. Good job, CTV!

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Isn't Goodyear a Tire Company?? 
Yesterday's fiasco at the Brickyard should be an embarrassment for Goodyear. Nobody in NASCAR seems to want to place the blame on them, but aren't they responsible for the tires everyone is mandated to use? Haven't they been to the brickyard before? Doesn't anyone else think that with all the resources available to them, they may have been able to produce something that could last more than 10 laps?

The whole thing looked to me like a shameful display of incompetance. It's just too bad Smoke (and everyone else) seem to have been given the business beforehand with regard to saying anything bad about Goodyear this time around.

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The Website is Down 
This was just sent to me today and I was just about in tears by the end of it.

Too funny to not pass on.


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OMG!!! NKOTB!!! 
OMG! I just watched the New Kids on the Block perform on the MMVA's (actually, they're still going) and they are EVERYTHING I WANTED THEM TO BE!!

Let me qualify this by saying that I think my older sister was their biggest fan ever when I was a kid (and, as it turns out, perhaps my wife was as well) so I was subjected to all their crap when they were bigger than sliced bread.

That said, watching them try to stage a comeback now comes with great amusement for me. I mean... I wanted them to be bad but GAT, DAMN are they EVA!!!

I couldn't have asked for more entertainment!

Before he opened his mouth, I joked that someone was going to have to kick the youngest one in the nads for him to be able to pull off his parts. When he finished... I couldn't help but think it would have helped!!

So... umm... Wow. They're even wearing Miami Vice-esque white suits. How cool is that!!??

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