Persons Unknown: NBC are Dicks 
Well, apparently I'm the only one watching this show, and NBC finds that very annoying.

I don't think they were happy that I managed to watch the last episodes after they changed the time slot, so they've gone and changed the dates entirely.

I really like this show... but I can't imagine how they could expect anyone to watch something if they keep shifting it around and never tell anyone what they're doing!

So screw you NBC. You've been showing ads all the way through telling us that we would see this through to its conclusion this summer. If you take it off the air and expect people to buy DVD's to see the end, then I hope you fail miserably not just on this show, but on anything else you try as well.

You can be sure that the next time NBC has a new show that I think looks interesting, I'll think twice and three times before committing to watching it!

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Persons Unknown: Still Good 
Wife is starting to lose interest, but I'm still into it. Now that they've actually killed someone, I'm even more curious as to what the heck's going on!!

Oh... did I give something away?

I also keep looking forward to that idiot/rapist guy getting beat up in new and interesting ways. That's a pretty good subplot in itself!

On an unrelated note... the Dutch just missed what looked like a sure goal! Ouch!!

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Persons Unknown: Ep. 2 
I watched the 2nd episode of Persons Unknown last night, and I'm still intrigued.

There's a few things worth mentioning.

Firstly, the mystery is still compelling enough to leaving me excited about next weeks episode. Without that, what's the point, right?

Secondly, they've made a big deal in the promo spots about the fact that it's a mini-series and that we'll know what's going on by the end of the summer. I can't help but wonder whether they're throwing a bone to us Lost fans who might be concerned that we're about to commit the next 6 years of our lives to another show.

I don't regret the time spent watching Lost. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It did make me happy at the end of the 4th season though when they announced when the end would come so we could all look forward to some sort of conclusion. With this new series, we're being given that up front. Hopefully it's not a scam and they don't let the success (which it will hopefully have) drag it outside the planned plotline.

Finally, I like the fact that they're already answering questions I've been asking. The end of the 2nd episode really amused me. I've wondered more than a few times "why aren't they bashing in the cameras??". Well... finally they knocked one out. The result was most excellent! :)

So... if you haven't watched it, you need to start from the beginning and get up to speed.

And if you're a racing fan but think you hate NASCAR... tune in this weekend for Sonoma's race on Infinion Raceway. NASCAR on the road courses is always great fun!!

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Persons Unknown 
Last night I watched a new show called Persons Unknown.

If you haven't heard of it, now is probably the time to try to download or otherwise find the first episode, as this could well turn into the next Lost.

The premise is a bit of a mix between Lost, where you have a bunch of people stranded in some mysterious place, and a sort of forced Truman Show existance, where they seem to be stuck in this place for someone's entertainment or something.

There's also a bit of the Saw franchise thrown in for good measure.

It seems a bit derivative, but the premier was good enough to leave me looking forward to the next episode. For now, I'm definitely recommending it.

Let's just hope they don't go on a couple month break and then move the timeslot so I miss a few episodes like what happened with V. I guess I'll have to pick that one up again once it comes out on disc.

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V is Awesome! 
I watched the first episode of the new V series last night.

Ever since I heard they were remaking it, I've been tempted to pick up the originals on DVD and rewatch them, but didn't. I was afraid that it just wouldn't be as good as I remembered it being when I was a kid.

I'm pretty sure I made the right decision, as I'm really happy I went into this new one full of hope and not in a sad state of failed nostalgia.

If they new series keeps up with the quality of the first episode, it is going to be GREAT! I was hoping it would be good, but didn't expect it to be as good as it was.

If you haven't seen it, find a way to get into it. Download it or something. You'll be glad you did.

Now I can't wait for next week...

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