Creepy little bastard. 
Well... maybe not so little... but either way, who the hell sets up on an overpass and just shoots at random people with a rifle??

The prosecutor doesn't yet know whether to seek the death penalty. Does this sound like the sort of person that gets rehabilitated? It's not like it was a crime of passion or anything. He just up and decided to try and kill people one day.

In a state that has the death penalty, I imagine this is the sort of candidate it's in place for.

But that's just me. I'm the guy who's tax dollars are keeping the likes of Paul Bernardo in a government hotel for the rest of his years.

Ah well. At least Chuck Guite's not getting that money. That rat bastard.

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Over the meadow and through the woods!! 
Well... I'm not going to grandma's house... but I'm totally stoked about getting out of the city for a few days!!

I'm debating whether to pick up a hunting knife and try my hand at bear wrestling or just stick with the regular plan of drinking myself silly and trying to keep my limbs out of the fire. This guy is my hero now. How cool is that?!

And just for Alia... here's the stinkin' rabbit.

And guess what? It's dead. I read that while looking for the pic.

Of course, it wasn't dead when the pic was taken. That would just be disturbing.

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What a boring day! 
There's nothing terribly interesting going on in the world today.

Same old. Same old.

I'm really only writing this because I'm bored and hoping I'll write something that entertains me.

It's not working.

I'm still bored. And not entertained.

Seems like a good time for that picture of the bunny with a pancake on it's head...

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Not cheery enough for ya?? 
I don't want this blog to get a reputation for being all doom and gloom, so for today I'll just post a picture of a cute little kitty.

Be happy. The world has enough miserable bastards without adding you to their numbers.


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Women suck at the interweb. 
Well... they might not, but it would appear that they think they do. Which is funny... because it's been my experience that these days they think they know everything.

If it turns out that they're actually underestimating their abilities at stuff, I'd say we've probably only got a few months or perhaps merely weeks left before they completely take over the world... by accident... without realizing what they've done.

And WTF?? Math class IS freakin' tough!! Stupid Barbie.

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