Beavers are Deadly Killing Machines! 
I had absolutely no idea that beavers were something to be feared.

Beavers Kill a Man

This knowledge will come in handy if I'm ever faced with an army of them in a forest. RUN AWAY!!!

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Cmdr. Chris Hadfield 
I know I haven't made much mention of him over the past few months, but I just wanted to mention that my favourite famous Canadian these days is Cmdr. Chris Hadfield. That guy is truly amazing and we should all be very proud he's one of ours!!

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This is actually quite amusing. Watch it all the way through. :)

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Go Leafs Go! 
OK... It's really not going well. Still a full period left though!

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Go On Cancelled? Crap! 
Well... this is hardly the first time I've enjoyed a show that got canned. I just read that Matthew Perry's show, Go On, is probably being cancelled.

I'll miss it. I've really been enjoying this one. It's quirky and silly and a bit odd, but I've enjoyed it enough to keep watching, which is more than I can say for a LOT of other shows.

It's not for sure yet, so I'll cross my fingers and hope it comes back. Maybe I'll luck out on this one.

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