Thor: The Dark World 
I just finished watching Thor: The Dark World. I'm very confused and have no idea what the hell just happened.

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Lawyers at Work on the Internet 
This is somewhat amusing. I was browsing a site and came across a link that brought me to a site called

It didn't take long to realize that the whole thing seemed kinda fishy, so I clicked around a little to get a sense of the place and then did a search to get an idea of whether the whole thing is just a big scam.

Well, by all accounts it is. It's basically set up to look like a news site of sorts, but it's all a ruse to get you to buy stuff from their advertisers. If you pay close attention, they actually suggest you go and do your own actual research elsewhere. :)

None of this is the funny part though. What's amusing is that one of the sites I found describing how the whole thing works appears to be under a subpoena to disclose information about people on the Internet that posted their opinions about the site. And further to that, the actual lawyer posted in the comments, appearing by all accounts to be trying to frighten people off from posting reviews.

Here's the review:

Note the legal notice posted there.

And here's the subpoena:

I mean... I know that companies value their reputations and all, but are people actually paying lawyers to prevent people from exposing what's essentially a giant scam?

So there you have it. The world has disappointed me.

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Super Bowl XLVIII 
When they say that everything went wrong from the first snap, it's usually not so literal as what happened to the Denver Broncos yesterday.

Congratulations to Seattle for their first championship in franchise history! Living in a city that hasn't seen a championship worth celebrating in many years, I have a pretty good idea of what that might be like. I expect it's a good time in Seattle right now.

More interesting than the game though was the bit of drama among automakers when it came to the commercials. It would appear that competition is fierce for the dollars of the rich folk out there. After talking up the fact that they were buying their first Super Bowl ad ever, Jaguar got trumped by Maserati with a surprise commercial in the first quarter.

They responded with some snarky comments on Twitter, which only made the whole thing even more amusing.

And good fun was had by all. :)

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The Time Machine 
I'm not really going to go into much detail here as it's not really necessary. The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells, is a quick read and well worth the time.

Just like War of the Worlds, it's held up quite well over the years and I recommend it.

So that's that.

Now, I was going to continue on with The Invisible Man, but I think I'm going to dig into George R. R. Martin's A Dance With Dragons. I just got a copy and have been looking forward to it for quite a while.

It's a big one, so I probably won't have much to report on for quite some time.

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War of the Worlds 
Last week I finished reading War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. In stark contrast to the last classic I read, Journey to the Center of the Earth, this one comes very highly recommended!

They whole thing has held up quite well over time and was riveting from beginning to end. I came away extremely impressed. Heck, I even had a tear in my eye as it ended.

I liked it enough that I've immediately started The Time Machine and, after just the first couple chapters, I have high hopes for this one as well.

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