New Points System in NASCAR 
They've really shaken things up in the world of NASCAR with an entirely new points system this year.

Basically, you get 1 point per position, so last place gets 1 point and 1st place gets 43 points.

Then there's 1 point for leading a lap, 1 point for leading the most laps, and 3 points for winning.

It's certainly easier to understand, but is it better? I honestly haven't a clue. I've got some thoughts on it, but really can't wrap my head around how it might play out enough to consider my opinions valid. I guess I'll comment about it again halfway through the season or so.

I'm actually more curious to see the effect this has on the cars around the top 35 bubble, since missing a race won't be nearly as big a points hit.

Some other interesting changes are that the qualifying order will be based on the practice speeds, which is cool.

The chase field will be the top 10 cars in points, and the next two will be those from 20th to 11th with the most race wins. Basically, that'll ensure entry for anyone who gets multiple wins but doesn't make the top 10. I suspect they'll fall back on points if you only have a handful of cars with 2 wins there, or some such thing. I like this rule.

So that's that. Only a few weeks now until Daytona! Woot!

Edit: I just read a blurb about this on Autoblog and they got it VERY wrong. They're not NASCAR fans there... but it's pretty amusing. According to them, you get a point for every "entire lap" led and that in order to prevent too many points, there's a 48 point limit. Funny stuff.

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Anyone Want a Pigeon? 
Someone in China just paid over 200 grand for a feathered rat.

I'm thinking of gathering them up in front of my workplace and putting them on ebay.

Some of those little bastards will chase down a piece of street meat like nobody's business. That must be worth something, right?

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My Wife Makes the Best Pulled Pork in the World 
Just sayin'.

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Merry Christmas! 
Merry Christmas everyone!

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Man shot at library. Witness says "Itís usually quiet". 
I think the title pretty much says it all. :)

Article at

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