The plight of modern youth. 
All I've really got to say about this is Amen.

Article from The Star

I don't seem to qualify as "youth" anymore for the purposes of this article, but it really addresses all the things my generation has to deal with.

I hate to sound like I'm whining, but it's nice to see things quantified in such a way that you can immediately see how much harder we have it than our parent's generation did.

It seems that as we enter our 30's, we're only now entering the same stage of life as our parents were in when they were barely midway through their 20's.

And really, I've got nothing to complain about. Things have worked out for me about as well as I could have expected them to given the cards I've been dealt. For others, there's far more obstacles to deal with. What does society expect us to do?

Of course, I don't agree with the solution offered at the end of the article. We don't need to give the poor more money by raising the minimum wage. What we need to do is allow everyone a greater percentage of their earnings to be of actual use to them.

We need more tax dollars to go into education to make it more accessible or at least some sort of interest free student loan program. We also need lower taxes in general so we're not using such a high percentage of our earnings for the bare necessities.

If our parents could pay less taxes and the country didn't go bankrupt for lack of funds, then surely we can do the same.

Of course, first the government would have to stop squandering our money away and actually be accountable for their fiscal actions. Hopefully the current government continues on their path of ferreting out waste and trimming the fat. We can only hope.

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Saddam is Dead 
I can only think that nothing good will come of this. :(

If all we've been told is true then the world is certainly better off without him but you can bet his followers (or opportunists) will make him out to be a martyr and the violence in Iraq will escalate.

They should have probably just left him to rot away in prison.

Interesting and probably frightening times are coming.

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Where's my 25% pay raise? 
The provincial government has voted themselves a 25% pay raise, the theiving bastards.

They're doing a piss poor job of running the province, stealing money from us left and right, most recently through the power company and Children's Aid Society, and now they're just handing themselves more money for no reason.

If they honestly felt that the job deserved such higher pay, they should have passed the bill and had it take effect following the next election. At least then they could be voted out before they benefit from it.

As it is, they just dipped their collective hands into the pockets of this province's taxpayers and stole themselves a nice Christmas gift.


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I am justified in my anger. 
Where the hell do you get an $8000 leather jacket???

Our Tax Dollars at Work

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Liberals Are Still Stealing Our Money 
I was going to title this "Liberals Are Stealing Our Money Again" but I suspect they've never really stopped since they were outed the last time.

It's just a different bunch of them at this particular time.

This time it's the Ontario Liberal Party stealing from our coffers.

The report focuses on children's aid societies in Toronto, Peel, York and Thunder Bay, which together account for about one-quarter of total spending. The instances of questionable spending on international travel include $1,700 for an all-inclusive trip to a resort in St. Martin and $4,000 for a one-week trip to St. Lucia for a caseworker to accompany a child returning to his biological family. As well, the report says, a senior staff member attended a Beijing conference unrelated to his duties or society business.

Senior staff at one unnamed society had a fleet of 50 cars, including two SUVs worth $53,000 and $59,000. Society staff logged fewer than 10,000 kilometres a year on half of the cars, suggesting such a large fleet was unnecessary, the report says. One staff member who used a society-owned car also received an allowance of $600 a month for his personal car.

One of the societies -- also unnamed -- could not produce detailed receipts for most meals and entertainment expenses. Numerous expenditures of hundreds of dollars at a time were made at high-end restaurants, the report alleges. "We understand that many of these meals were for society staff only and significantly exceeded the established meal allowance," it adds.

And what's their response to all this?

Marcelo Gomez-Wiuckstern, a spokesman for the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies, said he regrets that he cannot respond to the allegations until next Tuesday.

"Child welfare workers conduct more than 82,000 investigations every year, with urgent cases always receiving the highest priority, and they improve the lives of tens of thousands of children every year," he said.

Basically, they're saying that because they're doing some of what their job is supposed to be... apparently that justifies pissing away our money on vacations and elaborate dinners. I'll bet if they ask some of the kids what that money would best be spent on, they might get a different opinion.

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