Firstly, yesterday morning my TV died. I'd planned to replace it in December, but it just had to stick it to me one last time by dying two months before I could put it out to pasture. Stupid TV. I've replaced it with a smaller one from my bedroom for the moment so I can still get my regular fix, but now I'm in the market for a new one. Fun times!

I've given up on Revolution but my wife now won't let me stop it from being recorded on the DVR. She's too invested now to let it go, so we're going to continue to waste an hour of our lives every week to see this thing play out.

I'm officially calling it utter crap though, and strongly urging people not to watch it. Don't waste your time. I think they have a group of writers sitting in a room just trying to come up with "dramatic plot elements" to fill time and try to add excitement. Their original story arc probably only had enough in it to fill 3 or 4 episodes and they're just dropping things in to make it span a season.

Or maybe it's just me. Maybe it makes perfect sense that when you've only got two people fighting for a cause to make the world a better place and fight tyranny, one of them would stab the other just to get their own way about a single plan.

Now... Arrow. I had this sitting on my PVR for over a week and finally watched it last night. It's good enough to stick with it for the moment. That's about all I have to say for now.

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Yesterday I got caught up on the latest, and to be the last, season of Flashpoint.

I don't have much to say about this one. If you haven't been watching it for the past few years, then you've really been missing out. If you have, then you already know that it's one of the best shows on television.

I guess all I have to say here is that it's still great. Good for them!

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Another Update on TV Land 
Just a quick update.

First of all, Revenge is back and, after a bit of a slow start to the episode, it picked up steam and I'm totally right back into it.

This was one of my favourite shows last season, and if you're not watching it then I suggest you get caught up and get in the game. This is great stuff.

Now... Revolution and Elementary...

Revolution is a thin thread away from being knocked off my PVR schedule. It's just plain mediocre. I spent at least half the episode thinking I was wasting my time watching it at all, then then some interesting things happened to make me want to know what happens next. So I'm still watching, but I'm trying to convince myself to just abandon it. I still don't care much about the characters. Right now I'm just interested in where the writers are going with the story. I should probably stop watching and just try to remember to read a recap after the season is over.

If you're not already watching this, don't bother.

I watched the second episode of Elementary though, and this one still has me interested. I still think it's got a lot of elements of House in it, but it's original enough to keep me interested. I like this so far.

As for Go On and The New Normal... I missed them both this week. My bad.

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Gran Turismo Makes Real Life Better 
I just finished watching qualifying for the F1 in Japan at Suzuka.

Congrats to Vettel.

Watching it, I couldn't help but give a nod to GT5 and the huge level of appreciation I have for it's realism.

Because of GT5, I felt like I knew the track inside and out and was able to better appreciate watching them run laps, knowing where I would often make mistakes and what parts seemed trickier than others.

Watching Kimi go off track.... then recover on the extra bit of pavement and then try to come back across the green stuff to get back on track brought back plenty of memories.

Of course, I generally make it back on track, but hey... I can't expect Kimi to drive better than me ALL the time, right?

Every time someone took the hard right-hander that's right after the S-turns, I couldn't help but think they should be going off into the sand like I've done a million times.

Yay for GT5 for making real life even better. :D

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I watched the series premier of Elementary last night, and I liked it.

The fact that I've been sick for over a week probably has something to do with me watching all these new shows. I have no idea if I'll keep it up, but this might be one of the keepers when I start cutting back.

I'm just wondering whether the premise will be able to keep going strong through the whole season. The show is well done, but I'm wondering whether the premise will get tired after a few shows. Of course, the same might have been said for House or Lie to Me, and I liked both of those all the way through, though apparently nobody else felt the same of the latter.

Elementary is "Sherlock Holmes with a Twist". In this case, Sherlock is a bit of a weirdo who is apparently a recovering drug addict or something, though I expect we'll get more details on that later. He's got all the typical Sherlock traits of being hyper-observant and deducing all sorts of stuff normal people wouldn't. Just what you'd expect, though in this case he's in the US in the modern age and working as a sort of freelance consultant to the police.

Watson is a girl played by Lucy Liu. I expect she's going to develop her talents at being Watson as the series goes on. At this point, she's playing some sort of ex-surgeon who's decided to be a live-in friend to recovering addicts. The premise all seems pretty made-up and I can't really imagine such a person existing in real life. Who knows though. I'm sure stranger arrangements have happened.

As it stands, she's been hired by Sherlock's dad to live with him and watch over him for a few weeks. If he takes drugs, then she'll leave, though I'm not sure why that is. It doesn't matter, I suppose.

Anyhow, the dynamic between them is good so far and the crime they solved in the first episode was clever enough to be interesting, though it's really the characters that made the show.

This isn't really great, but it's definitely good enough to watch again. It'll be interesting to see whether or not it gets a bit tired or goes completely off the rails.

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