That's the Spirit! 
Some guy just drove by me in a 350Z with the roof down.

I gave him a thumbs up.

He reciprocated.

Top down in January in Toronto. That's a proper Canadian! It brings a smile to my face. :)

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I Made Pies! 
I'm not sure I've ever done a food post here, but here you go. I made these and they were delicious!!

Firstly, turkey pot pies, made from some of the leftover xmas turkey... which I'm still eating... still...

They were awesome! And hey... it was a different way to eat the turkey.

And for dessert...

Delicious cherry pies! I only got to eat one of those. The slightly gimpy one came about because I used the wrong plastic bit to cut out the top piece and cut big lines through it. I'm just happy it ended up pie-like and was still delicious. I gave my wife the awesome looking one. :)

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Merry Christmas, Everyone! 
Merry Christmas, and my very best wishes to you and yours for all the holiday season!!

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The Titanic Slide?? 
On my way in to work this morning, I saw a truck with big pictures on the side of various party novelties. I expect they're one of those party rental companies where you get bouncy castles and what not.

What I found particularly disturbing though was that one of the major items was a Titanic themed slide.

Seriously. For a small fee, you can have your children laughing and playing while re-enacting the deaths of 1500 or so people. What fun!

Is it just me or is this in really bad taste? Wasn't that an unthinkable tragedy?

What's next? An Auschwitz-themed bouncy castle? Would that be ok??

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NASCAR Streak to the Finish: The Mopps 2011 Final Standings 
Here's the final standings for The Mopps.

Rank Overall Name Longest Streak Bonus Total
1 550 ToyotaChick 8 540 1439
2 863 Tilly 7 470 1351
3 1458 Sunraven 4 300 1238
4 1709 Wild Weasel 6 380 1200
5 3829 Jakob Tilford 3 180 966
6 4484 brew-san 3 150 903
7 8731 toyotachicjr 3 70 471

Overall a huge showing for the Tilfords this time around! The Hopps rallied at the end to at least keep half the Tilfords behind them, and Bruce made a valiant effort at chasing down Jakob. Special props to Paige who, after starting quite late, very nearly ran down Kevin before he got up and running near the end.

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