Anyone Want a Pigeon? 
Someone in China just paid over 200 grand for a feathered rat.

I'm thinking of gathering them up in front of my workplace and putting them on ebay.

Some of those little bastards will chase down a piece of street meat like nobody's business. That must be worth something, right?

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My Wife Makes the Best Pulled Pork in the World 
Just sayin'.

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Merry Christmas! 
Merry Christmas everyone!

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Man shot at library. Witness says "Itís usually quiet". 
I think the title pretty much says it all. :)

Article at

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Gran Turismo 5: Intermediate Pickup Truck Challenge 
This is just me gloating.

Yesterday, I managed to win both events in the Pickup Truck Challenge in GT5 using the Daihatsu Midget.

I kept checking the used car lots for a pickup truck to compete in the event, and that's the only thing that turned up.

It was like competing at LeMans on a riding lawnmower.

But I did it. And my prize for winning? ANOTHER FREAKIN' DAIHATSU MIDGET!! It's like the game just kicked me in the crotch for my efforts.

I also went and completed the Ia license and got the Dodge RAM. I suppose if I'd done that earlier, I wouldn't be making this post right now but hey... everyone likes a challenge, right? :D

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