Man shot at library. Witness says "Itís usually quiet". 
I think the title pretty much says it all. :)

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Gran Turismo 5: Intermediate Pickup Truck Challenge 
This is just me gloating.

Yesterday, I managed to win both events in the Pickup Truck Challenge in GT5 using the Daihatsu Midget.

I kept checking the used car lots for a pickup truck to compete in the event, and that's the only thing that turned up.

It was like competing at LeMans on a riding lawnmower.

But I did it. And my prize for winning? ANOTHER FREAKIN' DAIHATSU MIDGET!! It's like the game just kicked me in the crotch for my efforts.

I also went and completed the Ia license and got the Dodge RAM. I suppose if I'd done that earlier, I wouldn't be making this post right now but hey... everyone likes a challenge, right? :D

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NASCAR Streak to the Finish: The Mopps Final Standings 
Here's the final standings for The Mopps.

Rank Overall Name Longest Streak Bonus Total
1 690 Wild Weasel 6 460 4299
2 1860 Sunraven 3 260 3759
3 2299 ToyotaChick 6 380 3611
4 2676 brew-san 5 270 3487
5 3331 IloveSPEED 6 320 3284
6 3980 EvilAlf 8 370 3074
7 4100 toyotaguy72 6 330 3035
8 6631 drvnkd 3 70 1909
9 10848 MrsDRVNKD 2 20 511

Now it's worth noting that the Tilfords missed a number of picks througout the season... Chuck started late and missed the first 7 races... and Kelly pretty much gave up early on... so I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone does next year, if you're still interested! :)

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Congratulations, Jimmie Johnson! 
Yesterday saw history being made by Jimmie Johnson... AGAIN.

There's just no telling what this guy is gonna accomplish! I think 7 championships for him is gonna end up looking easy. The only real question is whether he'll get them all in a row!

Some will argue that it's bad for the sport, but I think the way he won it this year, coming from behind in the last race, is actually great for the sport.

It would be bad if he was just walking away from the rest of the field, but as it stands, his defeat looks very attainable. Denny almost pulled it off, and you can bet he's just itching for another chance next year.

The drama made this the best chase yet, and I'm pretty sure this has been the best race at Homestead in years!

Congrats again, Jimmie! You just may be the greatest champion ever!

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Gran Turismo 5: About Freakin' Time! 
After playing a fair bit this past weekend I have two major observations.

Firstly, if they put in damage modelling, then they might as well not have bothered. I've seen a few instances of trivial damage showing on cars, but it seems to have little or no effect on the driving and certainly isn't proportional in any way to the forces of impact I've caused.

Secondly, I suppose it should go without saying, but trying to get gold in the license challenges can be every bit as frustrating as it used to be in GT4 and earlier. I don't think that's a bad thing... just sayin' though. :)

Karting is great fun.

NASCAR school is interesting but it's kinda boring so far. I've only done the first two levels though, so I there's not much going on yet. It's geared to explaining what makes NASCAR different from other series' and does a pretty good job of showing that it's not as simple as it seems. I have a feeling it's not going to make new fans out of those who don't already follow it, but it does show there's more to it than just planting the pedal and turning left.

Now I just can't wait to get online and start some good multiplayer battles! :)

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