Congratulations, Team Canada!! 
Woot!! IIHF World Junior's champions 3 years running now... and undefeated for that entire stretch!

Go Team Canada!!

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Saddam is Dead 
I can only think that nothing good will come of this. :(

If all we've been told is true then the world is certainly better off without him but you can bet his followers (or opportunists) will make him out to be a martyr and the violence in Iraq will escalate.

They should have probably just left him to rot away in prison.

Interesting and probably frightening times are coming.

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Where's my 25% pay raise? 
The provincial government has voted themselves a 25% pay raise, the theiving bastards.

They're doing a piss poor job of running the province, stealing money from us left and right, most recently through the power company and Children's Aid Society, and now they're just handing themselves more money for no reason.

If they honestly felt that the job deserved such higher pay, they should have passed the bill and had it take effect following the next election. At least then they could be voted out before they benefit from it.

As it is, they just dipped their collective hands into the pockets of this province's taxpayers and stole themselves a nice Christmas gift.


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Christmas Cheer? 
I haven't had much to say around here lately. I wonder if maybe I'm just experiencing a bit of good will for the holidays?

I'm really looking forward to having Christmas dinner at my sister's place on Saturday. As usual, it's going to be a whole lot of driving but we really don't get to see each other all that often so it's worth the effort when we do.

Happy holidays, everyone! Hopefully your shopping is done by now so you don't have to deal with the hordes of rabid shoppers infesting the malls these days!

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It's not the Internet's fault. 
This morning on the Dean Blundell show, they were reading some emails from listeners. Of course, they were pretty much exactly what you expect from emails written by the general populace these days, rife with spelling and grammatical errors so thick you could barely make out whatever it is they were trying to get across.

Something occurred to me though.

I've read in the press about how email, instant messaging, and the Internet in general are ruining our children and killing any chance at literacy they may otherwise have had.

I have my own theory though.

I think that in the past, people were still idiots but simply had no venue to out themselves in. 15 years ago, when would the average barely literate person have had the opportunity to write down their thoughts for anyone else to read?

Back then, they just spewed it out of their mouths and most people couldn't be bothered to listen. Once it ended, it was over and nobody else needed to know that it had just happened.

The present is an entirely different story. Now they all participate in online forums and write emails. They're no dumber or less literate than they were 15 years ago. The difference is that now they're given a global slate to declare to the world how stupid they are.

We shouldn't blame the Internet. We should simply feel sorry for them that we've created a virtual hockey helmet that they put on and wear around the virtual malls so they don't hurt themselves. Previously, they'd have gone unnoticed with only their mom knowing they were somewhat "special". Now the whole world knows. Poor bastards.

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