It's not the Internet's fault. 
This morning on the Dean Blundell show, they were reading some emails from listeners. Of course, they were pretty much exactly what you expect from emails written by the general populace these days, rife with spelling and grammatical errors so thick you could barely make out whatever it is they were trying to get across.

Something occurred to me though.

I've read in the press about how email, instant messaging, and the Internet in general are ruining our children and killing any chance at literacy they may otherwise have had.

I have my own theory though.

I think that in the past, people were still idiots but simply had no venue to out themselves in. 15 years ago, when would the average barely literate person have had the opportunity to write down their thoughts for anyone else to read?

Back then, they just spewed it out of their mouths and most people couldn't be bothered to listen. Once it ended, it was over and nobody else needed to know that it had just happened.

The present is an entirely different story. Now they all participate in online forums and write emails. They're no dumber or less literate than they were 15 years ago. The difference is that now they're given a global slate to declare to the world how stupid they are.

We shouldn't blame the Internet. We should simply feel sorry for them that we've created a virtual hockey helmet that they put on and wear around the virtual malls so they don't hurt themselves. Previously, they'd have gone unnoticed with only their mom knowing they were somewhat "special". Now the whole world knows. Poor bastards.

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I am justified in my anger. 
Where the hell do you get an $8000 leather jacket???

Our Tax Dollars at Work

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Liberals Are Still Stealing Our Money 
I was going to title this "Liberals Are Stealing Our Money Again" but I suspect they've never really stopped since they were outed the last time.

It's just a different bunch of them at this particular time.

This time it's the Ontario Liberal Party stealing from our coffers.

The report focuses on children's aid societies in Toronto, Peel, York and Thunder Bay, which together account for about one-quarter of total spending. The instances of questionable spending on international travel include $1,700 for an all-inclusive trip to a resort in St. Martin and $4,000 for a one-week trip to St. Lucia for a caseworker to accompany a child returning to his biological family. As well, the report says, a senior staff member attended a Beijing conference unrelated to his duties or society business.

Senior staff at one unnamed society had a fleet of 50 cars, including two SUVs worth $53,000 and $59,000. Society staff logged fewer than 10,000 kilometres a year on half of the cars, suggesting such a large fleet was unnecessary, the report says. One staff member who used a society-owned car also received an allowance of $600 a month for his personal car.

One of the societies -- also unnamed -- could not produce detailed receipts for most meals and entertainment expenses. Numerous expenditures of hundreds of dollars at a time were made at high-end restaurants, the report alleges. "We understand that many of these meals were for society staff only and significantly exceeded the established meal allowance," it adds.

And what's their response to all this?

Marcelo Gomez-Wiuckstern, a spokesman for the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies, said he regrets that he cannot respond to the allegations until next Tuesday.

"Child welfare workers conduct more than 82,000 investigations every year, with urgent cases always receiving the highest priority, and they improve the lives of tens of thousands of children every year," he said.

Basically, they're saying that because they're doing some of what their job is supposed to be... apparently that justifies pissing away our money on vacations and elaborate dinners. I'll bet if they ask some of the kids what that money would best be spent on, they might get a different opinion.

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I like God. 
I like God, and I think he likes me too.

Last night on my way home from work, I ran out of gas on the highway. I thought I had enough to make it home. It turned out that I was wrong.

What followed, however, made for some great entertainment. I had just come out of the express lanes when the juice ran out and the engine turned off. I tried to get it restarted, hoping maybe there was enough left sloshing around to get some pressure back in the system, but it didn't happen so I went to neutral and proceeded to safely get us out of harm's way.

I moved over 3 lanes to the far left and proceeded to coast all the way to the end of the offramp... and through a right turn (on a red light... shame on me for not coming to a complete stop), and then up a slight hill, down a bit of a grade, into a gas station and up to a pump. I barely had to touch the brake to stop at the pump.

Bear in mind that all this happened right at the height of rush hour. So many things just fell perfectly into place to make this happen it was unbelievable.

If there weren't two other people in the car with me to witness it, I wouldn't even bother telling the story.

Thanks again, God!

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Crafty! ... 9048863851

If I understand this correctly…

The guy starts a business selling vitamins and nutrition bars.

Then he starts a charity to collect donations. He uses those donations to buy products from his business and distribute them. So basically, he doesn't actually need customers. He's using a charity to fund his business.

Then, to get more money into the charity, he sets up a tax scheme to bring in investors. He collects money from people to "secure loans" of much higher amounts, and gives them tax receipts for the higher amounts. So they claim the higher amount, and get back more in a tax refund than they actually donated in the first place. He tells them this is all legal so of course they line up in droves to give him money. I would too if I thought I could legally donate $2500 and then get $4000 back in taxes.

The "loans" come from a non-existant company that will obviously never ask for them to be repaid. Instead, he simply uses the donations to fund his original company, putting the money ultimately back into his own pocket.

Of course, he also has the option of demanding that the investors pay off these loans once he squanders away the money.

That would imply, however, that the loans actually existed and someone wanted to be repaid. I rather doubt that's the case and demanding more money from the investors would be a sure way of imploding his scheme.

He's doing this so openly that the Star has detailed it in an article and yet he's still getting away with it.

How is this allowed to happen???

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