NASCAR Streak to the Finish: The Mopps Final Standings 
Here's the final standings for The Mopps.

Rank Overall Name Longest Streak Bonus Total
1 690 Wild Weasel 6 460 4299
2 1860 Sunraven 3 260 3759
3 2299 ToyotaChick 6 380 3611
4 2676 brew-san 5 270 3487
5 3331 IloveSPEED 6 320 3284
6 3980 EvilAlf 8 370 3074
7 4100 toyotaguy72 6 330 3035
8 6631 drvnkd 3 70 1909
9 10848 MrsDRVNKD 2 20 511

Now it's worth noting that the Tilfords missed a number of picks througout the season... Chuck started late and missed the first 7 races... and Kelly pretty much gave up early on... so I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone does next year, if you're still interested! :)

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Congratulations, Jimmie Johnson! 
Yesterday saw history being made by Jimmie Johnson... AGAIN.

There's just no telling what this guy is gonna accomplish! I think 7 championships for him is gonna end up looking easy. The only real question is whether he'll get them all in a row!

Some will argue that it's bad for the sport, but I think the way he won it this year, coming from behind in the last race, is actually great for the sport.

It would be bad if he was just walking away from the rest of the field, but as it stands, his defeat looks very attainable. Denny almost pulled it off, and you can bet he's just itching for another chance next year.

The drama made this the best chase yet, and I'm pretty sure this has been the best race at Homestead in years!

Congrats again, Jimmie! You just may be the greatest champion ever!

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Jeff vs. Jeff!!! 
Yesterday was by far the most entertaining race I've ever watched at Texas!

There was already drama in the battle for the lead in the Chase, which swapped hands a few times throughout the race and ended up with Denny Hamlin, but that was the least of the drama in the race!

There was Kyle Busch giving the finger to the officials, and then getting penalized for it and berated by his crew chief.

There was Jeff Burton wrecking Jeff Gordon under caution, and then Gordon storming after him, tossing him around a bit, getting him in a headlock, and finally being torn away by the officials.


You then had Chad Knaus pulling the entire pit crew like an underperforming goalie, replacing them wholesale with Jeff Gordon's crew, who then went on to give Jimmie phenomenal stops for the rest of the race.

This race had a bit of everything and is certainly one for the ages!!

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South Park: Poor and Stupid 
I'm really kinda sad about the season premier of South Park.

As soon as I saw it had a NASCAR theme, I was really excited but after seeing it... well... it's as if they just totally mailed it in.

I have my doubts as to whether Trey and Matt actually had anything at all to do with it!

It seemed as if someone just said "Hey... we should do a NASCAR episode" and then they just had some interns do their best to come up with jokes to string together into an episode... and it just bombed.

It's too bad. I'm a huge NASCAR fan and a huge South Park fan. I was really hoping it would come together in hilarity. :(

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In Person at the Monster Mile 
Last weekend I got to see my first NASCAR race in person, and it was amazing!

With my wife and friends, we travelled down to the Baltimore area for the weekend, heading over to the Monster Mile in Dover Delaware for the 2nd race of the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

We had an absolute blast, from beginning to end. We got there early to tour through the souvenir trailers and happened to be at the right place at the right time to see Denny Hamlin giving an interview in the Toyota promotional area.

I later picked up a signed Denny Hamlin diecast from his trailer.

The race was great, with a few hard-fought battles for the lead involving my wife's favourite driver (Kyle Busch) and the driver I had picked for my fantasy game (Jimmie Johnson). In the end, Jimmie won out after Kyle faded when the sun went away.

My favourite driver, Tony Stewart, had an altogether terrible day, but it was interesting watching him try to make the best of it.

I think the biggest surprise for all of us was just how LOUD it was! I'd been warned and it had been described to me, but I don't think you can really comprehend just how loud 43 V8 engines with no mufflers at full throttle really is until you hear it in person. Then you put your headset back on because it's painful.

I can honestly say it was the loudest place I've been in my entire life. Louder even than standing on an indoor platform as a pair of trains go by you.

So that was that... I can't wait until I get to go to another one!!

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