You Want Me To Pay For Your Sample?

Something interesting happened on the way to work this morning. Some folks had a little display set up to hand out samples of some new shampoo or something. It was a "men's scalp treatment" of some sort.

Before handing me the sample though, they said that it had some medicinal ingredients and thus they were required to get a "penny payment" for it. It would go to charity, they said.

Did I have any spare change?

So I didn't get the sample. The whole thing seemed suspiciously like complete bullshit though. Are they just making this stuff up? Does anyone know if there's any such regulation on the books that would make this reasonable, or did their marketing people just come up with this BS to make people think their product is something out of the ordinary?

If so, do they think people will respond well to being lied to?

I have a reason to question the validity of this. I've been given a lot of samples of a lot of different products while walking to work, and this is the first time this sort of scheme has ever been mentioned. If there were some rule about this, then shouldn't I have been asked for money for my Red Bull sample? It lists medicinal ingredients right on the can.

If that's a bit of a stretch, then what about the bottle of Motrin tablets I got last week? Am I being led to believe that this shampoo has more "medicinal ingredients" in it than ibuprofen pills?

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  1. the better question is….where the heck are you walking everyday that always had some sort of free sample being given away.

    Other than at a show (where I paid for admission), I have never received a free sample. and since there was a cost of admission, the samples I havre received have not in actuality been free.

    At the Good Food Festival, I have been asked to provide a penny charge for vitamin samples, and sometimes 25 cents for alcoholic beverages.

  2. Yep. There's often people handing stuff out at Union Station or along Front St. in general. A lot of it isn't "sample sized" either. Recent regular-sized stuff I've got have included Michelob beer, Red Bull, tubs of yogurt, chocolate milk, some iced tea water flavour packets and a bottle of Motrin. A few days later I also got a sample-sized packet of Motrin. Last year I got ice cream a few times and once I was even given a personal sized fan for my desk.

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