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  • 2019
    • September
      • Deep Regret on Past Behaviour
        In light of recent events, I feel like it's become necessary to get this off my chest now before it takes on a life of its own.

        Back in my high school days, over 20 years ago, I once attended a Halloween dance dressed as a girl. I don't know whether there are any pictures of th

  • 2018
    • November
      • Don't Worry. Be Happy.
        Most people will never be “successful” in any definition that means people outside your immediate circle will ever talk about you.

        Nobody is ever going to write a magazine article about me. Nobody is ever going to write a magazine article about a list of people that even remotely includes

    • October
      • Nazis are Inhuman Monsters and Should be Executed for their Beliefs
        I know that's a very loaded headline so there's a few things I'd like to get out of the way right off the bat.

        Firstly, I mean it. Exactly as it's written. If you encounter a Nazi it should be ok to simply shoot them in the face and be done with it. If you think thi

  • 2017
    • December
      • How Bitcoin Mining Works
        I wrote this to try to explain Bitcoin mining.

        Here’s an analogy for Bitcoin mining.

        Let’s say I open a giant factory to make origami sculptures. I open the doors and say that anyone that wants to work for me is welcome.

        You bring your own paper.

        I pay per

    • September
      • BitCoin GoFundMe for Gummy Bear
        I've been looking into the whole crypto-currency thing to understand how it all works. I think I've got a pretty good handle on it now.

        FWIW, my conclusion is that the whole thing could go up in smoke at any time and is ripe for manipulation but that a lot of people are going t

  • 2016
    • December
      • Did You Lie Or Were You Lied To?
        I want to start a movement.

        Critical thinkers have long been aware of all the fake news and outright lies being spread on social media and elsewhere in support of just about any argument under the sun.

        More recently, it's become a more mainstream news item and people, incl

    • May
      • Watkins Glen International
        It's been a long time since I've put anything here. :(

        Just so as not to let it die, here's my last session at Watkins Glen on May 22nd. :)

  • 2015
    • July
      • First Time Off Road
        Haven't had much to say here recently, so here's a couple videos of our first trek off the beaten path in the Jeep.

        Driving to the Farm

        On the way home.

    • March
      • World... Meet Snowfie!
        Here's the newest member of our little family. She's a lot of work, and it can be heart-breaking trying to get her to work into our schedules while still getting all the care she needs, but so far it's going well and she doesn't seem to hate us.

    • January
      • We're Jeep People Now!

        Last night was our first night with the Wrangler. The pics aren't very good, but it was pretty dark when I took them. For first impressions though... well... I don't hate it. I actually think I'll have a lot of fun with it in the future, once I grow more comfortable behind

      • Amanda Lang can go to hell.
        A story has just come up talking about how she tried to squash the big CBC story on RBC's outsourcing last year. From reading this, it's hard to tell whether she really did or didn't, so I found it hard to form an opinion of her actions based on that alone. What I DID do though was

  • 2014
    • December
      • She's HOME!!!
        What a weekend!! Just absolutely amazing!!

        Best to just post a link to the pics and to say that I'm absolutely ecstatic about the whole thing.

      • It Exists!!!

        Hoping to go get her and bring her home this weekend!!!

        LOSING MY MIND!!! :D

    • October
      • Sittin' on the dock of the bay
        It's been a while since I've put an update here, but I'm excited this week about the fact that the car I ordered in July is now built and sitting at the port in Emden waiting for a ship to sail it to Halifax.

        Just a few more weeks now!!

    • July
      • Best Birthday Ever!
        I feel like a bit of a zombie today. I'm not sure I slept much at all last night.

        After many years of saving everything I can... and over a year of research learning everything there is to be learned from reading and asking questions on the Internet... last night I got a call at 9

    • June
      • The People Have Spoken
        Apparently the citizens of Ontario have said that the Liberal Party can do whatever the heck they want to with no consequences whatsoever.

        I just don't understand.

      • Twyn Rivers Drive
        Today I rode my bike on Twyn Rivers Drive for the first time.

        I don't really recommend it. Ugh.

      • Trying to Test Drive a Corvette
        After the fun I had at the Porsche dealership, dealing with Chevy in trying to test drive a Corvette has been the complete opposite.

        GM Canada has a form on their website you can fill out to request a test drive. I did that, and then waited a few weeks and got absolutely no response at a

    • May
      • Campaigning Gone Wrong
        I just got a phone call from the provincial Liberal party telling me that Tracey something or other, our MPP, has been doing a great job for us and asking whether they can count on my vote in the upcoming election.

        So I asked what she'd done. The poor girl on the phone had absolutel

      • Happy Race Day!!
        My PVR is getting a workout today. I'm just now starting to watch the Monaco Grand Prix. Then it's the Indy 500 and then finally, later tonight, the Coke 600, which is the longest NASCAR race in the season. Fun times for a lazy Sunday.

      • Crime
        I'm drinking this stuff tonight.

        Poor Michelle. She tried the first sip before I'd had any. She said it was like drinking pepper sauce. She wasn't really wrong.

        After the first few sips, the pepper isn't

      • Today I Drove a Porsche For The First Time
        I'm not really sure what I can say about it. It was wonderful!

        I drove a base model Boxster and a Cayman S. But were just sublime and I'm sure I could write about the tiny little details but there was one thing that stood above all others.

        The grip!! My God!! The unbe

    • April
      • Times Are Changing
        For my entire adult life I've been working full time for the same company. Today they gave me my gift to celebrate 15 years of service. It's a juicer. Hopefully I like home made juice.

        Also, on Wednesday, I resigned. My last day will be May 7th.



    • March
      • Ender's Game - The Movie
        I fished the book and watched the movie. I really enjoyed the book and have started Ender's Shadow. I'm enjoying that as well so far.

        That said, I really didn't think too highly of the movie but not because it was particularly bad or anything. I feel like they did a good jo

      • Back to the Classics
        I finally finished reading the latest Game of Thrones novel so I'm back to the classics for my reading enjoyment.

        I'm not sure how much of a "classic" this really is, as it came out in the 70's, but I'm now reading Ender's Game in anticipation of watchin

    • February
      • Thor: The Dark World
        I just finished watching Thor: The Dark World. I'm very confused and have no idea what the hell just happened.

      • Lawyers at Work on the Internet
        This is somewhat amusing. I was browsing a site and came across a link that brought me to a site called

        It didn't take long to realize that the whole thing seemed kinda fishy, so I clicked around a little to get a sense of the place and then did a search to get an i

      • Super Bowl XLVIII
        When they say that everything went wrong from the first snap, it's usually not so literal as what happened to the Denver Broncos yesterday.

        Congratulations to Seattle for their first championship in franchise history! Living in a city that hasn't seen a championship worth cel

  • 2013
    • December
      • The Time Machine
        I'm not really going to go into much detail here as it's not really necessary. The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells, is a quick read and well worth the time.

        Just like War of the Worlds, it's held up quite well over the years and I recommend it.

        So that's that.<

      • War of the Worlds
        Last week I finished reading War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. In stark contrast to the last classic I read, Journey to the Center of the Earth, this one comes very highly recommended!

        They whole thing has held up quite well over time and was riveting from beginning to end. I came away e

    • November
      • NASCAR Streak to the Finish: The Mopps 2013 Final Standings
        For the first time in a few years, the Toronto contingent has taken the win!! While Jakob dominated most of the season, a late season surge by Bruce, Paige, and myself put his lead in jeopardy and eventually relegated him to second place. Paige and I tied for the final podium spot, followed by the

      • Journey to the Center of the Earth
        The short version: Don't bother with it.

        After really enjoying 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, I went for some more Jules Verne and just finished with Journey to the Center of the Earth. I'm betting it was far more intriguing back when it was written, and I tried to keep that in

      • Gah!! It's IN MY HEAD!!!
        This is a picture of my favourite tooth. I've spent a lot over the years to try to keep it in my head, but sadly, it would appear to be not long for this world. :(

        I haven't yet made an appointment to figure out what needs to be done with it, but it's only a matter of tim

      • Will Blackface be Okay Soon?
        Ok... I know what you're thinking...

        But bear with me for a moment. This morning I saw a story on CP24 about a vice-principal in Peel Region dressing up as Mr. T for Halloween, blackface and all. Now he's facing disciplinary hearings and all that.


      • I Guess the Rob Ford Love-In is Over
        It looks like this is the end of the line for our lovable crackhead mayor.

        It's just over a year ago now that I tried to pass on some sage advice. It would appear that he either didn't read it, or chose to ignore it, and HOOOWEE!!! What a year it's been!!

        All I

    • October
      • What Has the Senate Done For Me Lately???
        The only news we've been hearing about the senate is about how they're all helping themselves to the public coffers.

        Before that, they simply weren't in the news at all, unless some new one got appointed or something.

        If we dismiss for a moment all the crap they&

      • Unbundling Cable TV Packages
        This seems to be the hottest news item today when it comes to what our government is doing to earn our loyalty.

        Something I heard on the radio made me laugh though. They're saying that some stations will go out of business because not enough people will order them so they won't

      • Revenge Has Gone Off the Deep End
        Last night I watched the first two episodes of the new season of Revenge. All I can say is... WOW!! What the heck happened there? Did the fire all the writers and start this season with a whole new batch or something?

        I don't think I've ever been so ready to abandon a show

    • September
      • Random Tweeting
        I'm Tweeting rather randomly this week. Follow me at @WildWeaselGT if you do that sort of thing.

    • August
      • Today I Am My Own Hero
        Today I am wallowing in self-pride. I actually got to stand in my driveway, with arms raised in the air, belting out Eye of the Tiger while the neighbours cheered.

        Last night was a whole different story, and it all really started on Thursday.

        Thursday, my garage door presented

      • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
        So... I went from one water-based classic to the next.

        I just thought I'd mention that, right off the bat, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is FAR better than Moby Dick.

        Which is to say... so far I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Jules Verne > Herman Melville.

    • July
      • Under the Dome
        I just want to write about something that isn't Moby Dick.

        I've been watching Under the Dome since it started. So far, it's not half bad. It's not great, but I'm certainly not staking it for imminent cancellation either.

        I'm looking forward to se

    • June
      • Moby Dick Isn't Very Good
        I've been reading Moby Dick lately. It's an American Classic, right? Everyone knows of it, so presumably it's good enough to be worth reading, right?

        So far I don't really get it. I'm planning on doing some research after the fact to look into why it has such s

    • May
      • Beavers are Deadly Killing Machines!
        I had absolutely no idea that beavers were something to be feared.

        Beavers Kill a Man

        This knowledge will come in handy if I'm ever faced with an army of them in a forest. RUN AWAY!!!

      • Cmdr. Chris Hadfield
        I know I haven't made much mention of him over the past few months, but I just wanted to mention that my favourite famous Canadian these days is Cmdr. Chris Hadfield. That guy is truly amazing and we should all be very proud he's one of ours!!

      • Spocks!!
        This is actually quite amusing. Watch it all the way through. :)

      • Go Leafs Go!
        OK... It's really not going well. Still a full period left though!

    • April
      • Go On Cancelled? Crap!
        Well... this is hardly the first time I've enjoyed a show that got canned. I just read that Matthew Perry's show, Go On, is probably being cancelled.

        I'll miss it. I've really been enjoying this one. It's quirky and silly and a bit odd, but I've enjoyed i

      • John Cleese Explains The Brain
        This reminded me quite vividly of my 2nd year calculus classes.

    • March
      • What a great weekend for racing!
        There was drama to be had all around this past weekend! Starting with F1, I'd love to be in on the team meetings for either Red Bull or Mercedes today.

        I think Vettel should probably be sending flowers to Webber and promising to follow instructions in the future, but regardless of w

    • February
      • Are You Watching Revenge Yet?
        If you're not watching Revenge yet, you should be. It's still going strong.

        If you are... then I'm wondering whether you were also playing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" in your mind during the end of the last episode.

        heh. I don't thi

      • Congrats to Danica!
        Wow. Danica Patrick on pole for the Daytona 500. I did NOT see that one coming! I'm pretty sure this is the most significant thing she's done so far in NASCAR. Congrats to her!

      • Time To Try New Tax Software? TurboTax Will Help!
        This was just too amusing to not post.

        I was having a chat about tax software and someone mentioned that TurboTax might be worth a shot. Right now all my tax history is kept in some software called ProFile so my first thought was whether or not I can easily convert those files.

      • Motive
        I watched the new show, Motive, last night and wasn't impressed. I was really looking forward to seeing it as they've been hyping it up for weeks and the premise is interesting. It even started off really well. You immediately find out who the killer and the victim are with great big la

    • January
      • TV Land Update!
        I just felt like throwing some tidbits in here.

        I gave up on Revolution and deleted it from my PVR before the holidays. No more wasting time on that crap.

        Flashpoint is done, and that's sad. It was one of the best shows on TV and if you never watched it, I highly recomme

      • Go Team Canada!!!
        Dammit. They're down 2 goals after the first period.

        Come on, Team Canada! Pull this one out so I don't have to wake up at 4-freakin'-AM for the next game!!

        I've watched all the games live so far... make it worth the effort!

        GO TEAM! :)

  • 2012
    • December
      • Merry Christmas, Everyone!
        I hope everyone is enjoying good times with friends and family. :)

      • What's Different About This NHL Lockout?
        I was just thinking about the last time the NHL season was cancelled due to labour disputes, and for some reason it feels to me as though it were different last time.

        I just can't seem to recall why that was.

        I seem to recall last time thinking that the Leaf's were be

    • November
      • Congrats to Brad and Sebastien!
        Last week's finale for the Sprint Cup at Homestead turned out to be a bit of a dud after Jimmie was pretty much out of contention, but congrats are due to Brad Keselowski for winning his first title, and sending off Dodge in as good a light as could have possibly been imagined.


      • NASCAR Streak to the Finish: The Mopps 2012 Final Standings
        That's two years in a row that the Hopps have been beat by the Tilfords.


        Rank Overall Name Longest Streak Bonus Total
        1 1031 Tilly is "the Stig" 8 530 1440
        2 15

      • Turn Off Windows 7 Guest Media Sharing
        For as long as I've been using my Windows 7 computer to share media for watching on my TV through the PS3, I've been annoyed at the fact that the computer's Guest account has it's own set of folders and shows up as a separate media server on the network. There's nothing in

      • Nissan Joining Aussie V8 Supercar Series
        So... Nissan is throwing their hat in the ring with Ford and Holden in the Australian V8 Supercar Series, which is totally awesome.

        Now... the Aussie series is a whole lot closer to "stock" car racing than NASCAR, so this one se

      • Yesterday Was a Great Day for Racing!
        Yesterday was a particularly great day for racing! It started with the F1 race from Abu Dhabi. While it was looking like Hamilton was going to take off from the pole and drive around a bunch until he won, it turned into much more than that.

        Now, if his car hadn't died, Hamilton wou

    • October
      • Elementary and Arrow
        Just a quick update. If you're looking for something to watch, both of these are good candidates. Still good. Still worth watching.

        I like that Arrow deviated a little from the general theme it's had so far, and we're getting more and more little tidbits of his life on t

      • Arrow
        Firstly, yesterday morning my TV died. I'd planned to replace it in December, but it just had to stick it to me one last time by dying two months before I could put it out to pasture. Stupid TV. I've replaced it with a smaller one from my bedroom for the moment so I can still get my reg

      • Flashpoint
        Yesterday I got caught up on the latest, and to be the last, season of Flashpoint.

        I don't have much to say about this one. If you haven't been watching it for the past few years, then you've really been missing out. If you have, then you already know that it's one o

      • Another Update on TV Land
        Just a quick update.

        First of all, Revenge is back and, after a bit of a slow start to the episode, it picked up steam and I'm totally right back into it.

        This was one of my favourite shows last season, and if you're not watching it then I suggest you get caught up an

      • Gran Turismo Makes Real Life Better
        I just finished watching qualifying for the F1 in Japan at Suzuka.

        Congrats to Vettel.

        Watching it, I couldn't help but give a nod to GT5 and the huge level of appreciation I have for it's realism.

        Because of GT5, I felt like I knew the track inside and o

    • September
      • Elementary
        I watched the series premier of Elementary last night, and I liked it.

        The fact that I've been sick for over a week probably has something to do with me watching all these new shows. I have no idea if I'll keep it up, but this might be one of the keepers when I start cutting

      • Update on Revolution, Goon, and The New Normal
        Well... I watched them all again this week.

        Revolution actually stepped it up a notch and got a little more interesting. Still not interesting enough to make me care about whether it gets cancelled, but at least it was better than last week.

        I still really like Go On and I ha

      • Goon and The New Normal
        Looks like "New Show Season" is fully upon us, and I've been bored enough to check out a few.

        I mean... I went to TIFF and saw some Japanese porno, so I feel fully qualified to be a media critic now, at least for a little while.

        Tonight I saw Go On, with Matthew

      • Revolution
        I watched the premier of a new TV show called Revolution last night.

        It's an interesting premise where electricity suddenly stops working so the world is in a perpetual blackout.

        The show takes place 15 years after this blackout happens.

        I won't get into to

      • Is Quebec Leaving Yet?
        So Quebecers have gone and elected a whole pile of separatists again.

        I know they don't have a majority, but maybe we'll get lucky and they'll hit that milestone next time around.

        Last time they went in that direction there was a giant national swell of unity sen

    • August
      • Riding Words in the Streets
        Here's a creepy bit of info. For me to write WEASEL in the streets around Highland Creek on my bike, I need to ride exactly 66.6km. Oooh... spooky!

    • July
    • June
      • You Want Bath Salts? Seriously?
        Now, I know that I'm awfully far removed from anything resembling teen culture these days, so I don't claim to have any insights into what they are or are not into or what they do and don't know about.

        So maybe someone with more insight can help me out here.


      • You Want Me To Pay For Your Sample?
        Something interesting happened on the way to work this morning. Some folks had a little display set up to hand out samples of some new shampoo or something. It was a "men's scalp treatment" of some sort.

        Before handing me the sample though, they said that it had some medi

      • Go Junior!!!
        After 4 years, nearly to the day, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has finally won another race, and in rather dominant fashion!

        Congratulations, Jr.!

        The poor guy's been at the top of the standings the entire season. He certainly deserves this win as much as anyone!

      • Go Germany!
        So then... there's some big international soccer matches going on, which means I'm suddenly all German for a brief while.

        My boys are the only ones in the tournament that have won all their games.


      • Toronto is Banning Plastic Bags
        City council has just voted to ban all plastic bags as of next year in Toronto. Who do they think they are?

        What right does the municipal government have to decide whether or not a store can give us a bag? What makes them the environmental police?

        Am I still going to get a bag

    • April
      • What's the Point of "No Name"?
        Back in the day, "no name" was a generic moniker for store brand products. They were supposed to be cheaper because they didn't spend money on marketing.

        At some point, Loblaw's capitalized on this by actually calling their store brand "No Name". We all kno

    • March
      • OMG! My computer might EXPLODE!!
        Some dude on the phone is telling me that my computer might EXPLODE!

        Wonder how long this call is going to go on for?


      • In Installed Windows 8 And It's Annoying
        Last night I installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview in a virtual machine so I could play around with the new interface and see what all the hubbub is about.

        My initial reactions really aren't positive. With the new Metro interface, I really got the impression that it probably work

    • February
      • Way to start the season, Kyle!
        For all the controversy at the end of last season, NASCAR is definitely better off for having Kyle Busch in the mix!

        After pulling off two miraculous saves to keep from wrecking, Kyle managed a last second pass last night to win the Bud Shootout and start the new NASCAR season in style.
      • Also Cancelled Soon: Alcatraz
        The last episode is the final straw for me. I don't often find myself yelling at the TV while watching things other than sports, but this show is just getting dumber and dumber.

        Now it's a race. Which will be cancelled first? The River, or Alcatraz?

      • Cancelled Soon: The River
        You heard it here first! Just watching the second episode of the two part opener for The River. This is total crap. No way they keep making this.

    • January
      • My X-Games Event Idea
        I've come up with a new idea for the Winter X-Games.

        I think they should send people down a slalom course inside a big plastic hamster ball wearing roller blades. They'll probably need some special gloves with very low-friction fingertips and a big rubber stopper in the palm.
      • Leap Paycheque!
        I, and most other people who get paid bi-weekly, get 26 paycheques a year.

        Someone pointed out to me that if I take my gross pay and multiply it by 26, it comes out to less than my supposed annual salary.

        As it turns out, it comes out to my annual salary minus exactly a day

      • That's the Spirit!
        Some guy just drove by me in a 350Z with the roof down.

        I gave him a thumbs up.

        He reciprocated.

        Top down in January in Toronto. That's a proper Canadian! It brings a smile to my face. :)

      • I Made Pies!
        I'm not sure I've ever done a food post here, but here you go. I made these and they were delicious!!

        Firstly, turkey pot pies, made from some of the leftover xmas turkey... which I'm still eating... still...

        They were awesome! And hey... it was a

  • 2011
    • December
    • November
      • The Titanic Slide??
        On my way in to work this morning, I saw a truck with big pictures on the side of various party novelties. I expect they're one of those party rental companies where you get bouncy castles and what not.

        What I found particularly disturbing though was that one of the major items was

      • NASCAR Streak to the Finish: The Mopps 2011 Final Standings
        Here's the final standings for The Mopps.

        Rank Overall Name Longest Streak Bonus Total
        1 550 ToyotaChick 8 540 1439
        2 863 Tilly 7 470 1351
        3 1458 Sunraven

      • Congratulations, Tony Stewart!
        Congratulations, Tony Stewart, on winning the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship!

        And THANK YOU for giving us what was probably the absolute best championship battle ever seen, and what may well have been the best racing I've ever watched.

        Last night's final race of

      • What is Wrong With the Greeks?
        So the Greeks seem determined to plunge the world into another deep recession.

        Now... the fact that they're able to do this is a topic of its own, but that's not my point here.

        I'm just wondering whether they're doing it on purpose to line their own pockets

      • Kyle Busch Has Lost His Mind
        Yesterday's NCWTS race was quite the entertaining event. Kyle Busch got run up into the wall by Ron Hornaday and then proceeded to absolutely lose his mind and wreck both their trucks at high speed under caution.

        See the link below for the story and video on


    • October
      • Rob Ford: Please Stop Being a Buffoon
        I'm getting really tired of Rob Ford's buffoonery. I like his policies. I want the city to reduce spending and tighten budgets. I want to stop overpaying for labour and providing benefits that those who pay for them wouldn't expect.

        What I don't like is his role as

      • RIP Dan Wheldon
        2 time Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon died on lap 12 of the last race of the Indycar season today in Las Vegas. Just finished watching the tribute laps. What a sad moment in racing. May he rest in peace.

      • Ontario Election Results
        There's two things I've concluded from last night's election.

        Firstly, most people in Ontario can't be bothered to care.

        Secondly, people like paying higher taxes and are looking forward to more.


      • The 2012 Porsche Boxster
        I've never liked the Boxster. I've always found it looked rather boring and seemed to be a 2nd rate Porsche for people who couldn't afford a 911.

        I've just seen spy pics of the new one though, and it looks amazing!

        I have hereby decided that if I'm m

    • September
      • Ontario Leaders Debate
        I watched the Ontario election leaders debate last night. There wasn't much in the way of real information, but it gave some good insight into the personalities of the 3 party leaders involved.

        We already know enough about McGuinty to know that we can't trust a word he says, so

      • Terra Nova
        I watched the series premier of Terra Nova last night. While it didn't instantly hook you the way Lost did when it started, it definitely has some promise.

        With that in mind, I highly recommend that everyone avoid this series like the plague.

        We all know what happens when

      • Fun With Words!
        Some things are just fun to say. NAF NAF. Rue Du Louvre. Num Num Num. go ahead... say them out loud! see? Vous etes bienvenue!

      • Enjoying the view.
        Smart. Smart. Smart. Mini. Smart. Mini. Mini. Smart. Smart. Bugatti.

        What an interesting place!

        Adding the pic. I didn't quite have the camera at the ready, so I only caught it as it almost got away.

    • August
      • You Has Demon Cat?
        This morning on my way to work, I found an SD memory card on the ground at Guildwood GO Station on the platform.

        It's from someone's camera. Here is one of the pictures.

        If this is your card, I expect you'll want it back.

        Drop me a note at

    • July
      • My Birthday!
        Today is my birthday.

        Dinner was freakin' AWESOME!!!

        And yes... it was every bit as good as it looks and I ate the whole thing.

        Happy birthday to me. :D

      • Get Well Soon, Travis Pastrana!
        Crap. I was really looking forward to Travis' debut tomorrow in the Nationwide series at IRP, but now it appears that he's broken.

        I don't expect anyone would want to make their first major stock car race with a broken ankle, so I suspect he'll delay his start. It�

      • Amy Winehouse is Dead
        So... who didn't see this one coming?

        Let this be a warning sign, Lindsay Lohan!

    • June
      • Way to go, Mavericks!!!
        I suddenly feel like a Dallas Mavericks fan. I mean, their wacky owner is living the dream, so why shouldn't they be the ones to put a stop to the idiocy that is the Miami Heat?

        I'm no basketball fan, but I do know that what they've done in Miami is an insult to the game,

      • A Bit of Mortgage Advice
        I entered a contest on by writing a blog entry with some financial advice.

        They didn't like it enough to put me in the final five, but I'd hate for nobody to ever read it. It took some effort to pare it down to (EXACTLY!) 500 words, so it would be a shame for that

    • May
      • Apparently Bible Math is Hard
        It appears we got all worked up over nothing, as Harold Camping has declared that he apparently got the math wrong... again... and that now the apocolypse starts October 21st instead of this past weekend.

        I can't help but think that if he just showed his work, maybe we could help hi

      • What time is the apocolypse?
        It seems like kind of a big deal... but I don't want to wake up early on a Saturday if I don't have to.

        Have they set a time yet?

        If I don't set an alarm, and end up getting raptured in my sleep, do you think there's a chance I could believe the whole thing

      • A Fighter Jet Just Buzzed My House
        Weird. I don't think I've ever seen one in this area before, and one just went by... circled around... and came within a few hundred metres of my roof.

        That was weird!

        I can't imagine what business they have flying so low over residential areas.
      • Dalton McGuinty Can Lick My Balls
        I just bought a new monitor. Not an expensive one.

        Then, when I was cashing out, I got another friendly reminder about Jackass McGuinty's electronics tax when it added 10% to my purchase.

        Thanks a lot. Can't wait to vote you out!

      • Congratulations, Canada!
        I think we should send out a big thank-you to Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party of Canada. Even though none of us wanted an election right now and it was completely unnecessary, in the end I believe it turned out quite well.

        We've spent the past couple years under the constant

      • Ding Dong The Witch is Dead
        So Bin Laden is dead.

        This seems like it should be one of those momentus occasions that everyone remembers for the rest of their lives.

        Like the moon landing, or when Kennedy got killed or Sept. 11th.

        So where were you when you found out? Was it memorable? I was na

    • April
      • Sony PlayStation Network: Epic Fail!

        It's bad enough that the PlayStation Network (PSN) went down in flames a week ago and hasn't been back up since, but they've been awfully quiet about providing much in the way of updates on what exactly is going on.

        Until today that is.

      • Our Gov't Websites Are Run By Geniuses
        I was reading an article on the Star's website talking about traffic fines.

        There's a link to an Ontario government website where you can look up the particulars of the offenses.

      • There's something about 4G...
        This morning there was some ad on the radio about some new 4G network.

        4G sounded like Orgy.

        That was my morning amusement. :)

        Carry on...

      • OH NOES!!! 300 City Jobs Lost!!!
        The alarmist headlines now are that 300 city jobs are going to be lost because our new mayor is considering privatizing garbage collection in some sections of the city.

        I say... GREAT!

        The message the left-leaning press seems to be pushing is that we're going to have 300

      • Go ahead and spoil your ballot.
        As I'm reading about Liz May's whining about not being included in the televised debates, I am filled with a tiny bit of shame.

        One of the Green Party's arguments for inclusion involves the tiny but measurable amount of votes they've got over the past few years.

    • March
      • Jack Layton is a Funny Guy!
        I love watching Jack Layton give speeches. Comfortable in the knowledge that he will never be held accountable, he can say absolutely anything he wants to in an effort to woo a few voters over to the NDP.

        Today, I watched him talk about how he will forbid any credit card companies from c

      • IndyCar Racing is Back
        The IndyCar race was the best racing for this weekend. Maybe F1 should take some pointers with their double-file restarts and their push-to-pass system. It made for way better racing than F1's stupid moving wing did!

        Congrats to Dario who's off to a great start! After a lot o

      • F1 Racing is Back
        I just watched the Australian Grand Prix. Vettel and Hamilton started 1st and 2nd. Vettel and Hamilton finished 1st and 2nd.

        The only really interesting battle during the whole race involved Button trying for many laps to pass Massa, who was clearly slower.

        He couldn't d

      • Fords are Fast!
        There seems to be an ongoing theme this season in NASCAR when it comes to qualifying.

        The Fords are VERY fast!

        Good for them, I guess. It's not necessarily translating to top finishes... or finishing at all for that matter... but they seem to have definitely found somet

      • Japan's Nuclear Disaster
        There's been a lot of talk on the news about Japan's nuclear reactors melting down, or maybe melting down, or maybe nearly melting down, or some such thing.

        Now, I happen to know a thing or two about nuclear reactors, so I had a lot of questions about what was actually happening

      • Whiteboarding
        I was just in a meeting with some business folks. They liked to throw around the term "whiteboarding".

        It means brainstorming.

        Why don't they just say brainstorming? Is there something wrong with a term that's been around since the beginning of time or do

    • February
      • Aussie Nad's
        I was shopping with my wife today. On the discount shelf at Shoppers Drug Mart was a product called Aussie Nad's. It's a hair removal product, and really, from there, the jokes just write themselves!

        I just checked their website and it looks like they've already renamed t

      • What's Become of Daytona?
        I'm looking forward with anticipation to the Duel's on Thursday and the Daytona 500 next Sunday. I'm hoping it's not the last time I look forward to Daytona for a long time.

        I'm not sure what to make of it. The Bud Shootout yesterday was different than anything

    • January
      • New Points System in NASCAR
        They've really shaken things up in the world of NASCAR with an entirely new points system this year.

        Basically, you get 1 point per position, so last place gets 1 point and 1st place gets 43 points.

        Then there's 1 point for leading a lap, 1 point for leading the most

      • Anyone Want a Pigeon?
        Someone in China just paid over 200 grand for a feathered rat.

        I'm thinking of gathering them up in front of my workplace and putting them on ebay.

        Some of those little bastards will chase down a piece of street meat like nobody's business. That must be worth somethi

      • My Wife Makes the Best Pulled Pork in the World
        Just sayin'.

  • 2010
    • December
    • November
      • Gran Turismo 5: Intermediate Pickup Truck Challenge
        This is just me gloating.

        Yesterday, I managed to win both events in the Pickup Truck Challenge in GT5 using the Daihatsu Midget.

        I kept checking the used car lots for a pickup truck to compete in the event, and that's the only thing that turned up.

        It was like

      • NASCAR Streak to the Finish: The Mopps Final Standings
        Here's the final standings for The Mopps.

        Rank Overall Name Longest Streak Bonus Total
        1 690 Wild Weasel 6 460 4299
        2 1860 Sunraven 3 260 3759
        3 2299 ToyotaChic

      • Congratulations, Jimmie Johnson!
        Yesterday saw history being made by Jimmie Johnson... AGAIN.

        There's just no telling what this guy is gonna accomplish! I think 7 championships for him is gonna end up looking easy. The only real question is whether he'll get them all in a row!

        Some will argue that

      • Gran Turismo 5: About Freakin' Time!
        After playing a fair bit this past weekend I have two major observations.

        Firstly, if they put in damage modelling, then they might as well not have bothered. I've seen a few instances of trivial damage showing on cars, but it seems to have little or no effect on the driving and cer

      • Jeff vs. Jeff!!!
        Yesterday was by far the most entertaining race I've ever watched at Texas!

        There was already drama in the battle for the lead in the Chase, which swapped hands a few times throughout the race and ended up with Denny Hamlin, but that was the least of the drama in the race!

      • Listen Brian Burke... those aren't fans!
        It didn't take long for the Leafs to go from first in the NHL to dropping out of playoff contention... but it doesn't really matter just yet.

        It may matter a whole lot in April, but for the moment, I suspect they're still getting their stride and the team has shown a lot o

      • Fighting the Frizzies...
        Just want to say that this is the most amusing thing I've seen all day. I feel like I've rediscovered an old friend!

      • Eggs Are Bad, Mmmkay?
        I read an article in the paper this morning telling me eggs are bad for me. Apparently all the eggs I eat are going to kill me by pumping me chock full of cholesteral and choking out my arteries.

        Apparently all that "Get Crackin'" jazz we see in commercials is a bunch of h

    • October
      • South Park: Poor and Stupid
        I'm really kinda sad about the season premier of South Park.

        As soon as I saw it had a NASCAR theme, I was really excited but after seeing it... well... it's as if they just totally mailed it in.

        I have my doubts as to whether Trey and Matt actually had anything at

      • Go Leafs!!
        Hockey is back, and I'm excited!

        Not that I think the Leafs are likely to go all the way this year... but the season has just begun and we're already off to a better start than last year. Now we won't have to suffer through an agonizing 7 game losing streak to open the se

      • In Person at the Monster Mile
        Last weekend I got to see my first NASCAR race in person, and it was amazing!

        With my wife and friends, we travelled down to the Baltimore area for the weekend, heading over to the Monster Mile in Dover Delaware for the 2nd race of the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

        We h

    • September
      • The Event
        There's a big ad campaign going on now for some new TV show called The Event.

        It looks exciting.

        Am I going to watch it? HELL NO!

        After the fiasco that was my fandom of Persons Unknown, I'll be damned if I'm going to start watching another new series

      • Android Phone Battery Life
        I've had an Android phone for a few weeks now, and my biggest problem with it has been the battery life. It seems to die within a day, which has been a real hassle.

        Now I've got one of the crappiest Android phones available today... the LG Eve GW620R running Android 1.5, so th

      • What Happened to Brent Butt???
        I just watched an hour long comedy show put together by Brent Butt.

        I think it was called "The Brent Butt Comedy Special".

        Honestly... I have absolutely no idea what made me stick it out and watch the whole hour.

        Now I wasn't a rabid Corner Gas fan or

    • August
      • Tila Tequila Looks Odd
        This may well be a sign that I've become desensitized to violence in society.

        I just read an article about Tila Tequila apparently being stoned (not high) at a concert.

        Now, I have no idea what she was doing at a concert. Heck, I have no idea what she might be doing any

      • Do You Care About Justin Bieber?
        I don't. I think the only reason I read this article is that it had the word Hacked in it so I got suckered in.

        Anyhow... I just read an article about Justin Bieber. It mentioned something about him taking revenge on someone for hacking his friend's twitter account or somethin

      • Watkins Glen: Best Race So Far of 2010!
        I should have posted this a week ago. Watkins Glen had by far the best racing of the year.

        I look forward to both the Sprint Cup road cours races every year because there's always great racing going on, but this one was exceptional.

        It was too bad that Marcos Ambrose'

    • July
      • The Keselowski and Hot Carl Show!
        With the Sprint Cup series taking the weekend off, the Nationwide race came off as a phenomenal substitute for weekend entertainment!

        Y'all know I'm no fan of Hot Carl, but I fully commend him for putting Brad in his place and taking the win he deserved. Their antics made for t

      • Persons Unknown: NBC are Dicks
        Well, apparently I'm the only one watching this show, and NBC finds that very annoying.

        I don't think they were happy that I managed to watch the last episodes after they changed the time slot, so they've gone and changed the dates entirely.

        I really like this

      • I'm Bluffin' With My Muffin.
        Just sayin'.

      • Persons Unknown: Still Good
        Wife is starting to lose interest, but I'm still into it. Now that they've actually killed someone, I'm even more curious as to what the heck's going on!!

        Oh... did I give something away?

        I also keep looking forward to that idiot/rapist guy getting beat

      • Microsoft Outlook 2007 Fail
        I know I'm REALLY late to the game on this one, but I just today found out about Microsoft taking a huge step backward with their HTML rendering engine for Outlook 2007 and felt the InterTubes deserved to have my little bit of rage added to the universal panning that seems to be the world'

      • How About Them Dutch!
        I really can't believe the Dutch took Brazil out of the World Cup.

        That has to be the final nail in the coffin that was my entry to the office pool here. That aside though, it's certainly a blessing to the whole "Europe vs. South America" bout I've got going wi

    • June
      • Wednesday Ramblings
        I feel like I'm living an episode of House. I've been sick since Friday evening, and new and interesting symptoms just keep popping up. Today my right ear has pretty much stopped working altogether. My unbearably sore throat seems a bit better than it's been for the past few days,

      • Persons Unknown: Ep. 2
        I watched the 2nd episode of Persons Unknown last night, and I'm still intrigued.

        There's a few things worth mentioning.

        Firstly, the mystery is still compelling enough to leaving me excited about next weeks episode. Without that, what's the point, right?
      • Persons Unknown
        Last night I watched a new show called Persons Unknown.

        If you haven't heard of it, now is probably the time to try to download or otherwise find the first episode, as this could well turn into the next Lost.

        The premise is a bit of a mix between Lost, where you have a bun

      • TNT's Amateur NASCAR Coverage
        I've read some comments over the past few weeks about how bad TNT's NASCAR coverage is through the middle of the season. I didn't think too much of it as it hadn't been particularly memorable in the past, but it made me pay closer attention during yesterday's race.
    • May
      • Why Do Real Books Cost Less?
        I'm really just curious. As I look at eBook prices, they seem to be a buck or two more than the same book in paperback, and that doesn't account for the cost of the eReader itself, no matter which one you choose.

        So why is this? The publishers already have the text in electron

      • Why Are People Slobs?
        I take a train to work almost every day. A few times a week, there are announcements about not leaving garbage on the train and taking all your stuff with you. Sometimes they specifically mention newspapers.

        I think some people might think that if they leave their paper on the seat, som

      • It All Evens Out
        I went to get lunch from a street meat vendor near my work.

        It's cheap, and hasn't made me sick yet. Win win.

        Unfortunately, it's not as cheap as it was. After dressing the "food", I went to grab a drink from the cooler as I always do. The guy stoppe

    • April
      • People are Stupid
        I just finished reading an article on and reading through about half of the posted comments.

        As I tried to process all the idiocy of the commenters, I finally gave up on the idea of adding any sort of coherent response as there simply wouldn't be room to address all of it

      • It's Right There In Front Of You!
        Why is there always pee on the floor in front of urinals??

        I mean... I get that guys can miss the toilet now and then. It's a foot and a half away or so, and sometimes things aren't quite pointed where you think they are, but a urinal??

        It's right there in fron

    • March
      • There might be something wrong with me.
        Some things just shouldn't be funny at all. And yet I chuckle. The link is to the full online article, but here is exactly what was printed in today's Metro Toronto as a "News in brief" item:

        A fugitive from Georgia who was on an alleged quest to buy a five-year-old

      • Chris Pizzi is My Hero!!!
        This weekend's "Slice of Pizzi" was an absolute classic! See it here.

        I've been calling Carl Edwards "Hot Carl" for years now, but Pizzi had the guts to say it to his face on TV.

        That, my friends, was just awesome!

        Chris Pizzi: "

      • Agincourt Mazda and the new Mazda3
        I recently had an issue with my car. The passenger side headlight seems to have let moisture into it. There was a load of condensation on the inside of the housing and the low beam stopped working.

        I brought it to Agincourt Mazda, and couldn't be happier with the service.
    • February
      • GOLD!!!
        The hockey game certainly lived up to its billing!

        Congratulations, Canada, for Olympic hockey gold, and for winning more gold medals than any country has ever won in a winter Olympics.

        Very cool indeed!

      • Go CANADA!
        I've been looking forward to Olympic hockey since the end of the World Junior Championship, but up until last night, there wasn't a whole lot of triumph.

        Last night though, really provided something to cheer for. Not only did Team Canada dominate the Russians to get into the se

      • Price Squeeze Update
        They went and threw up a bunch of banners declaring their biggest ever anniversary sale, so the pic was too good to pass up.

        I'm just going to assume that all their previous anniversary sales had ever larger mark-ups than this one.

      • Food Basics is Run By Scammers!
        I don't pay all that much attention to food prices. For the most part, when I'm shopping for groceries I'll just throw stuff in my cart and pay for it. I might grab a few things I wouldn't have otherwise bought when they're on sale, but for the staples like milk and bread

    • January
      • NASCAR Brings Back Bump Drafting!
        Bump-drafting rules will be eliminated at Daytona and Talladega Superspeedway. Teams also will use a bigger restrictor plate at Daytona.

        Eliminating bump-drafting rules puts responsibility for on-track moves squarely back in drivers' hands. Larger restrictor plates give drivers more

      • Michael Bay Ruined Transformers
        I know I'm a bit late to the game on this one, but last night I watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

        I thought the first Transformers movie by Michael Bay somewhat missed the mark, and had heard that the sequel was even worse, but that didn't prepare me for how bad it wa

  • 2009
    • November
      • Congrats, Jimmie!
        What more can you say? Jimmie Johnson made history yesterday. Congratulations on 4 championships in a row! Can't say I'd be sad to see it made 5 or 6. What an incredible team!!

        Of course, the most entertaining bit of racing this past weekend had to do with people getting pis

      • V is Awesome!
        I watched the first episode of the new V series last night.

        Ever since I heard they were remaking it, I've been tempted to pick up the originals on DVD and rewatch them, but didn't. I was afraid that it just wouldn't be as good as I remembered it being when I was a kid. <

      • This is what was wrong with Talladega
        I had been looking forward to Sunday's race at Talladega for weeks. I love plate racing. I love the strategy and I love the skill and, maybe this makes me a bad fan, but I love the crashes and the excitement of having my driver either make it through or not make it through.

        So what

    • October
      • Interesting Update on the TV Tax
        I just took a look at the two websites promoting the competing sides of this whole TV Tax issue. One is run by the broadcasters, the other by the signal carriers.



        I think the most interest

      • Broadcasters Have Some Nerve!
        The cable and satellite TV providers have been running a PR campaign for a while now to garner opposition to the new bill that would require them to charge a monthly fee to be paid to local broadcasters for carrying their content.

        It all makes perfect sense, and people are right to oppo

    • September
      • Too bad about Kyle
        While he made a great last stand, I guess it just wasn't to be for Kyle Busch this year, as he just barely missed the Chase by a handful of points. After their recent feud though, I'll bet Brian Vickers is tickled pink that he got to be the one to edge Kyle out!

        So now that t

    • July
      • How Could Miller Screw This Up??
        Our wonderful mayor of Toronto, David Miller, had a slam dunk with the strike of locals 79 and 416. The entire populace seemed to be behind him in eliminating ridiculously generous benefits that nobody should be entitled to and taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for.

        The city has been

    • June
      • Shootout Style!
        There shouldn't be any argument at all here. 3 races in, the new double-file restart system in NASCAR is hands-down the best change they've made in years! It started off a bit slow, but last week at Sonoma and the race at Loudon going on right now are hugely entertaining in large part du

      • Best Race My Ass
        06/15/09 has a story with this headline: Thank fuel mileage for the best race of the season. I'm calling shenanigans on that. Sure, the last 5 laps were great, but the race as a whole was just a boring as any I remember at Michigan. Until the end when people started running out of gas, the

    • May
      • Michaëlle Jean is the coolest Governor General EVER!
        I had to read between the lines a little to get the details, but as I understand it, Michaëlle Jean got hold of a fluffy white baby seal, tore it open with her bare hands, and then devoured its still-beating heart in front of throngs of adoring fans who chanted and cheered.

        If that's

      • And one more thing...
        I'd nearly forgotten, until I read this article, which sums it up perfectly.

        – I know Helio Castroneves has been through a lot in the last while. But if he starts crying on television one more time, I'm going to throw up.

        Seriously. Suck it up, Helio. Quit being a w

      • Memorial Day Racing!
        Haven't had much to say lately. I guess I've just been enjoying the steadily improving weather.

        I was all pumped about chillin' in my basement and watching racing yesterday, so the postponement of the Coke 600 was a bit of a drag, but it was still a good day.


    • April
      • Sit Down, Shut Up
        Fox premiered a new cartoon on Sunday night to air along with the Simpsons, Family Guy, and their other Sunday night cartoon line up.

        It's called Sit Down, Shut Up, and it's bad. Like... epically bad. I sat and watched the whole thing hoping maybe it would start to get funny

    • March
      • Capitalism is Destroying Everything
        I've been thinking about how to present this entry for a few days now, and seeing an article by John Mellencamp which closely paralleled my views but in relation to the music industry pushed me to finally get it written down.

        It was announced recently that the Montreal Canadiens may

      • The Recession is Over
        Markets are rising yet again. It's good news for all of us with seriously depleted retirement funds. Perhaps the end is not so nigh afterall.

        With that in mind, I am officially declaring the recession as over. You heard it here first.

        In more interesting news, Kyle Busc

      • I Have a Man Crush on Jon Stewart
        I think this may have been the best week ever for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Better even than the "fued" with Conan O'Brien fueled by the writers strike last year.

        Watching Jon completely dismantle Jim Cramer last night was pure gold. I have no idea what compelled C

      • So much for Atlanta
        Just like the last race there, yesterday's race in Atlanta was, for the most part, just boring.

        Instead of Jimmie dominating the end, this time it was Kurt Busch, but the result was the same. A long boring race with a bit of excitement at the end mostly dominated by one guy.
      • Third Time's the Charm!
        After two less than thrilling races to start off the season, things finally got back to normal with the Shelby 427 at Las Vegas Speedway. There was plenty of excitement in both the Nationwide race, which was bordering on bizarre, and in the Sprint Cup race, which was exciting from start to finish.<

    • February
      • No Wonder The Fans Don't Come!
        I hate to say it, but the Auto Club 500 at Fontana was just plain boring. The track is so big and so wide that if anyone has a car to beat the field, they can pretty much check out and nobody can do anything about it.

        While I give full credit for Kyle for winning the Truck and Nationwide

      • NASCAR is Back!
        Woot! I'm totally stoked about the start of the new season, and this past weekends ARCA race and Bud Shootout were just what was needed to get the ball rolling. The ARCA race was good fun, and the Shootout was a blast.

        Now about the shootout... sure, the racing was good, but how c

    • January
      • Nadal to Face Federer in Austrailian Open Final!!!!!
        I like both these guys, so I'm not posting this to knock either but come on! Can't anyone else play tennis anymore???

      • Jack Layton has Sand in his Vagina
        Everything I'm reading about Jack Layton these days says that he will vote against the Conservative budget no matter what's in it.

        Does he have the slightest interest in what's good for the country, or is he just out to try and grab a little bit of the power pie no matter w

  • 2008
    • December
      • Merry Christmas!
        Merry Christmas, World!!

        Mine was everything I could have hoped for. I hope yours was the same!

      • Say it like it is!
        I haven't posted for a little while here but it hasn't been for any lack of opinions on what's going on. I just haven't really been able to formulate words for all the ridiculousness going on in the world around us.

        First there was the fiasco in parliament, with the L

    • November
      • A New Leafs Era?
        All the news about the Leafs these days surrounds the imminent announcement of Brian Burke as the new president and GM for the team.

        Now we've seen GM's come and go over the years, but this one in particular has my interest, and not because of who it is.

        I'm more

      • An Historic Occasion
        History was made yesterday with Americans electing their first African American president, though I think that fact in and of itself is rather low on the list of accomplishments made.

        Looking at the overall results, the Democratic Party has been given sweeping powers to make major changes

    • October
      • NASCAR at Atlanta is a snoozer!
        I nearly fell asleep twice yesterday during the race. Nothing happened. Nothing at all.

        There didn't seem to be anything interesting going on until the last 10 laps, when Jimmie put the smack-down on the field. Way to go, Jimmie!

        I think the best part of the entire ra

      • Does it matter whether a journalist can write a sentence?
        At least twice this week I've read articles in The Star in which two or more blatent errors jump out at me to bring into question whether the person writing it could pass even a remedial English test.

        Don't they have proof readers or editors or something to check these things ou

      • The Leafs are UNDEFEATED!!
        Congratulations to the Toronto Maple Leafs for their as-yet undefeated season!

        They're currently top of the league in victories against defending Stanley Cup champion teams.

        Good for them.

        Of course, victory this year would be to finish dead-last and get the bes

      • Are they trying to end the world?
        I read an article in the paper this morning about a Japanese company that's created a cybernetic suit that can enhance a persons capabilities.

        That seems all well and good, except that their marketing people must be having fits right about now!

        The company is called Cyberd

      • Tonight's Vice-Presidential Debate
        I know I should be paying better attention to the Canadian leaders debate tonight, and I know that Elizabeth May might make some idiot comment or other that I'll find endlessly amusing, but really... I just can't get into it.

        I know right now that It's just going to be a f

    • September
      • What a fun weekend in motorsports!
        I just got a shiny new PVR so now I can actually catch the F1 races without having to skip my Sunday beauty sleep.

        Yesterday's race was just plain good fun, unless of course you're a Ferrari fan. Watching them foul up their own seemingly sure victory was great entertainment.

      • Yarr!!
        As a bit of an homage to the dead weasel's blog...

        Yarr!! Happy TLAPD!

      • Elizabeth May Might Be Insane
        Green Party leader Elizabeth May has got her panties in a bunch over not being allowed to participate in the nationally televised leaders debates.

        Apparently she thinks it's sexist.

        She says "This is anti-democratic, closed-door, back-room decision making by four na

    • August
      • It's the Rowdy Busch and Hot Carl Show!!!
        The next few Sprint Cup races before the Chase begins are going to be an absolute blast.

        Bumping Kyle out of the way on Saturday night, Hot Carl has officially thrown down the gauntlet and I expect every other driver will be doing their best now to just stay away from either of them.
      • I like Flashpoint
        There's a new show on CTV called Flashpoint. It's Canadian made, and filmed in Toronto, and makes no effort to disguise this fact. Much of the series so far has been right in the downtown core and has made heavy use of local landmark sites like RBC Plaza and the Eaton Centre.

    • July
      • Isn't Goodyear a Tire Company??
        Yesterday's fiasco at the Brickyard should be an embarrassment for Goodyear. Nobody in NASCAR seems to want to place the blame on them, but aren't they responsible for the tires everyone is mandated to use? Haven't they been to the brickyard before? Doesn't anyone else think t

      • The Website is Down
        This was just sent to me today and I was just about in tears by the end of it.

        Too funny to not pass on.


    • June
      • OMG!!! NKOTB!!!
        OMG! I just watched the New Kids on the Block perform on the MMVA's (actually, they're still going) and they are EVERYTHING I WANTED THEM TO BE!!

        Let me qualify this by saying that I think my older sister was their biggest fan ever when I was a kid (and, as it turns out, perhap

      • Hooray for Dale Jr!!!

        Dale Jr. finally pulled one out, after coming so close, so many times in recent years!

        Huge props to Dale! It was only a matter of time. Hopefully my picking him will launch me back into the top 1000 in the NASCAR Streak to the Finish fantasy game!

        And WOOT f

    • May
      • The NASCAR Gods Have Frowned Upon Me
        Yesterday was a great day for racing. If you're a race fan, you couldn't help but be entertained.

        While I hadn't planned on waking in time to catch it, I managed to see the end of the Monaco GP and was happy to see LHJ coming in for the win. Good for him! I'm not mu

      • Yay! TheStar has the AutoBlog back!
        They tried this once a while back, and I was excited about contributing. Then it disappeared.

        Now it's back.

        There's nothing really notable there yet, but I look forward to what Mr. Kenzie has to say in such an interactive medium. Here's hoping it lasts longer

      • More info on Ontario Energy Scams
        I just saw a link to the site from a news article, and remembered a previous post here.

        Someone anonymously replied linking to that same site.

        I went and checked it out, and can't help but to feel like they're trying to pull a fast one on me.

      • Stay at home moms are worth WHAT??
        05/09/08 has done some sort of study and determined that based on the work they do, a stay at home parent, if compensated as though it were their job, would make $117,000 USD a year.

        See the story here:

        Now I'm sure they put gr

      • Toronto City Council are Idiots!
        For all the talk we hear about how society is getting fatter, and we're collectively not getting enough exercise, it would appear that Toronto has responded to the call by making it illegal to get some friends together and throw a ball around in a public park.

        I play softball in a re

    • April
      • If you're not a NASCAR fan, don't write about NASCAR!
        Reading this article in the Star just made me shake my head.

        If there's one quote that proves the writer doesn't know NASCAR, it's this one:

        So NASCAR finally got what it wanted – 43 to 50 drivers who pretty much all look the same, talk the same, behave the same

      • Those TTC bastards are at it again!
        I woke up this morning to find out that the Toronto Transit Commission decided to up and go on strike last night at midnight.

        Not only do I think they should be declared an essential service such that they no longer have the right to strike, I think that this latest one should be met with

      • Martinsville owns Bristol
        I just thought I'd chime in on the question of "What's the best short track in the Sprint Cup series?"

        Yesterday's race at Martinsville was great fun to watch and, I think, more entertaining than the previous race at Bristol. I think it's the tight corners a

    • March
      • I Want to Punch Bill Gates
        SQL Server seems like it would be important enough to be mostly bug-free, but I came across what I think it a rather major flaw in the reporting services.

        I tried to use this function to set a field.

        =IIf(IsNumeric(Fields!Data.Value), CDbl(Fields!Data.Value), Fields!Data.Value)

      • It's Tough Being a Leafs Fan
        Suddenly the Leafs are entertaining again. The last two games were great fun, but I think the real question here is this:

        How much can they hurt themselves, while still leaving us without playoff hockey?

        Last year it was a single point. They did as well as they could, getting

      • I learned something today.
        A cafe mocha is delicious.

        Mixing a packet of hot chocolate in with a cup of french roast coffee is not.

      • I don't like Carl Edwards
        I don't like Carl Edwards. I think he's NASCAR's version of Eddie Haskell. He smiles when he knows the cameras are on him, and puts on a good show for his sponsors, but I have little doubt he wouldn't step on your head if he thought it would benefit himself in some way. I'

    • February
      • My Predictions for the Gatorade Duels
        Here's what I think is going to happen tomorrow afternoon.

        Jimmie Johnson will win the first race, with Dale Jr. pushing him to the front to return the favour from Saturday night.

        Without Jr. to drive around him, and with Jeff Gordon pretty much on his own out there, I thi

      • Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson!
        Congrats to Jimmie Johnson for beating out the top performers of all the other less entertaining racing leagues to win the SPEED Performer of the Year award. His unbelievable performance in the 2007 Chase for the Nextel Cup will be a tough one to beat this coming season!

        And now we'

    • January
      • GM Annoys Me
        General Motors is currently running an ad campaign that annoys me every time I see it.

        Their commercial starts out with big text.

        "It's our time to talk."

        It then blasts a whole series of text at you about whatever their current promotion is.

  • 2007
    • December
      • Where's My Insurance Discount?
        For years now insurance companies have been giving discounts to people for having taken driver education classes.

        This is the driving reason behind many people taking them, or perhaps buying certificates saying they've taken them.

        Now there are statistics showing that thos

      • EA Sports NASCAR 08 Sucks
        I'm a fairly new NASCAR fan. I got interested in the sport a year or so ago and it didn't take me long to be completely hooked. I love it.

        I think that part of what got me hooked and helped me to understand a lot of the ins and outs of the sport was borrowing NASCAR Chase for

    • November
      • What exactly do we owe poor people?
        This article in the Star talks about poor people living in half-million dollar houses funded by our tax dollars.

        There is now some suggestion that these houses be sold and the families moved to regular low-income housing, and apparently there is opposition to this plan.

        To this

      • Everyone wants to be me!
        It's been fraud week in NotWeaselLand.

        My credit card was stolen over the weekend and whoever took it apparently tried to spend a few grand on Monday. Visa didn't let it go through, so all is well, but the whole thing has been quite an inconvenience.

        To top it off,

    • October
      • How many wheels does it take to win a race?
        Apparently more than 3.

        WTF is wrong with DEI that they can't make a car that will stay in one piece until the end of the race for Dale Jr.?

        At least they're mixing things up a bit. I was trying not to get too excited about his chances at winning yesterday as he wa

      • I like Bryan McCabe
        Despite the horrible showing the Leafs defense has provided so far this season, I still like Bryan McCabe.

        People talk about Leafs fans as being some of the most unforgiving in the world, and seeing them in action leads me to believe there could be some truth in that.

        Sure, we

      • David Miller is a Dick
        Has anyone else had enough of our mayor trying to hurt us just to make a point?

        It seems like every time he tries to cut out some service the people of the city find valuable, his efforts are failing miserably.

        Doesn't he think he should at least make sure such things are

      • Ontario Looking for More of the Same
        The latest polls are showing that the "We don't support faith-based education... unless it's Catholic" Liberals are gearing to win a majority in tomorrow's election.

        This can only mean that the people of this province are hoping for more of the same. More lies.

      • Vote No to MMP!
        There's an interesting referendum being slipped onto our provincial election ballots on October 10th and I'm sincerely begging the population to reject it.

        The issue at hand affects the very roots of our political system here in Ontario. We're being asked whether we'd

    • September
      • Yar too late, Matey!
        Dammit. I totally missed TLAPD on Wednesday. *sigh* Better luck next year.

      • Go Dale! #88!!
        I guess I should drink more Pepsi products!

        Now that Dale Jr.'s announced his new sponsors and number, I'm really left with one burning question...

        With an energy drink being a primary sponsor for a Hendrick car, will Jeff Gordon stop carrying around those stupid cans

    • August
      • Ontario Liberal Party: Just Say No!
        There's an interesting article in the Star today talking about the Ontario Liberal Party cheating the election system by having what are essentially fake lobby groups do advertising on their behalf.

        I think the real story however is in the money that's changing hands in the proc

      • They've got him!
        Thankfully, Jesse was caught last night without incident so hopefully nobody further will come to harm at his hand. Hopefully now the healing can begin for the friends and family of his victims.

        Thank God the owner of the home he tried to break into is ok.


    • July
      • Crazy Murdering Bastard
        I came home tonight to catch a eye-popper on the news. Little Jesse Imeson... a kid I used to babysit back when I was 13 or so, is now apparently going around killing people.

        Here's my shot at a PSA. If you see this guy,

      • No Comment. Just Read.
        I'm only posting this because I enjoyed reading it and figure others may as well.

        I don't check the BBC news site all that often, but every now and then I'll find a gem posted there that makes me smile.


      • Poor Mayor Miller
        Mayor Miller seems to be all butt-hurt over the fact that city council turned down his proposals on how to gouge the residents of Toronto for more money.

        Now he has to cut costs, and one such cost being cut is a 1.2 million dollar renovation to his own office.

        How the hell can

    • June
      • Quit Giving My Money Away, McGimpy!
        Dalton McGuinty has just announced that he will give $650 million to the auto industry to promote the development of greener cars.

        By my calculation, assuming everyone was contributing equally (which they sure as hell are not), $50 of that is mine and I bloody well want it back!

      • Congrats to the Ducks!
        You only really had to take a look at the team captains to know who should win the cup this year.

        On the one hand, you've got Niedermayer looking like a seasoned veteran, sporting the coolest playoff beard on the ice.

        Then, on the other side, you've got Alfredsson loo

    • May
      • Reserved Parking for Tree Huggers
        Apparently Ikea is going to start setting aside parking spaces reserved for hybrid or fuel efficient cars. How they determine who qualifies is yet to be disclosed. Perhaps the same idiot who determined which cars or "trucks" qualified for the government rebates will make a list for them.

      • Is Facebook the Devil?
        I haven't signed up for Facebook. I don't feel the need to. So far as I gather, it's for getting in touch with people you haven't been in touch with for ages. I think that if those people wanted to be in touch with me, they'd find that I am perfectly easy to find as it is

    • April
      • Fire at DeLonghi. I Bet I Know the Cause.
        Looks like the plant burned down that makes DeLonghi appliances in Italy.

        The cause of the fire is apparently not known, but I'm going to chime in and suggest maybe someone left one of their programmable coffeemakers plugged in and it randomly turned itself on in the middle of the ni

      • Car Stuff Should Involve People Who Know Cars
        This blog hasn't been abandoned. I just haven't had much to bitch about lately.

        I've generally been in a great mood as my wife and I are waiting on a new car to show up.

        Of course, on that topic, the government has just introduced a new plan to give rebates on wh

    • March
      • Don't Trust the Energy Retailers!
        I found this amusing.

        The CEO of one of North America's largest energy retailers has this to say about the price of electricity.

        Taken from here:

        King has long argued that Ontario electricity prices are too artifici

      • How many is too many?
        I'm curious here as to whether my sense of ethics is valid or whether I'm just a sucker.

        When you're at a grocery store and they've got an express aisle for people with x items or less, how many items is it acceptable for you to stand in that line with?

        Is x

      • It's not my fault.
        After driving for nearly 4 hours to get home on Thursday because so many people were getting stuck and were unable to drive in the snow, I came across the best excuse on an online forum.

        First he posted this, admitting his stupidity, though with no apology for the countless people he was

      • Ontario Energy Scams
        I just had one of those energy salesman scammers show up at my door. Universal Energy or Energy Savings or whatever.

        Not only is he trying to get me to switch to an overpriced energy reseller and lock in to some inflated prices for a few years, but he flat-out lied to me and told me he&#

    • February
      • Everything is for sale.
        The CFL has decided to sell the naming rights to the Grey Cup.

        So what's next? The Home Depot Stanley Cup?? Is there no pride or sense of tradition anymore?

        This trend of offering up naming rights to anything and everything has been bothering me for a while now. When ML

      • Monkey Cakes
        I just ate a little muffin thing shaped like a monkey.

        It was like a gummy bear, but it was bigger and made of muffin and shaped like a monkey.

        It made me happy. I'm not sure why.

      • Now we pay bottle tax?
        I'm forced to question the motivation behind the new return system for bottles to the LCBO.

        What is the value in this? Why do they want you to bring them the bottles rather than just leaving them at the curb in the recycle bin with the rest of your glassware?

        With Brewers

    • January
      • The Gas Station of the Future
        This is cool. It's the gas station of the future, in your own garage.

        Solar Powered Hydrogen Station

        I'm sure it's still quite some time away, but imagine a future where you're no longer dependant on others for your daily energy needs!

        I don'

      • The plight of modern youth.
        All I've really got to say about this is Amen.

        Article from The Star

        I don't seem to qualify as "youth" anymore for the purposes of this article, but it really addresses all the things my generation has to deal with.

        I hate to sound like I'

      • Just Leave The Poor Folks Alone!
        Day after day, I'm hearing new updates in the news about the sextuplets born to some people in Vancouver who don't want anyone talking about them.

        So my question is this... why can't the press just respect their privacy and let it be?

        What value is this story

      • Congratulations, Team Canada!!
        Woot!! IIHF World Junior's champions 3 years running now... and undefeated for that entire stretch!

        Go Team Canada!!

  • 2006
    • December
      • Saddam is Dead
        I can only think that nothing good will come of this. :(

        If all we've been told is true then the world is certainly better off without him but you can bet his followers (or opportunists) will make him out to be a martyr and the violence in Iraq will escalate.

        They should

      • Where's my 25% pay raise?
        The provincial government has voted themselves a 25% pay raise, the theiving bastards.

        They're doing a piss poor job of running the province, stealing money from us left and right, most recently through the power company and Children's Aid Society, and now they're just hand

      • Christmas Cheer?
        I haven't had much to say around here lately. I wonder if maybe I'm just experiencing a bit of good will for the holidays?

        I'm really looking forward to having Christmas dinner at my sister's place on Saturday. As usual, it's going to be a whole lot of driving b

      • It's not the Internet's fault.
        This morning on the Dean Blundell show, they were reading some emails from listeners. Of course, they were pretty much exactly what you expect from emails written by the general populace these days, rife with spelling and grammatical errors so thick you could barely make out whatever it is they wer

      • I am justified in my anger.
        Where the hell do you get an $8000 leather jacket???

        Our Tax Dollars at Work

      • Liberals Are Still Stealing Our Money
        I was going to title this "Liberals Are Stealing Our Money Again" but I suspect they've never really stopped since they were outed the last time.

        It's just a different bunch of them at this particular time.

        This time it's the Ontario Liberal Party steal

    • November
      • I like God.
        I like God, and I think he likes me too.

        Last night on my way home from work, I ran out of gas on the highway. I thought I had enough to make it home. It turned out that I was wrong.

        What followed, however, made for some great entertainment. I had just come out of the expres

      • Crafty!

        If I understand this correctly…

        The guy starts a business selling vitamins and nutrition bars.

        Then he starts a charity to collect donations. He uses those donations to buy products from his business and distribute them. So b

      • NotWeasel for City Council?
        I seem to recall having read something stating that our city councellors made around $40k/yr.

        Turns out, I was very wrong.

        Apparently they're getting a pay raise from $87,214 to $95,000 per year.

        Maybe the next time elections come around, I should be putting m

      • For Lunch!
        Now here's something new.

        I'm starting to post a bunch of ramblings about what I eat for lunch.

        This is blogging at its finest. I have no reason to believe anyone should have any interest whatsoever in what I eat for lunch, but this is my world and I don't make

      • Intellectual References That Make You Look Stupid
        This amused me.

        In an article on the PS3 launch in The Star, the reporter had this to say:

        Like Halley’s comet, you only get to unbox a next-generation console every four or five years.

        I'll bet he thought he was being clever.

        Of course, Halley'

      • I call shenanigans!
        10 sexiest Canadian men alive my ass!!

        I may be no George Clooney but I'll be damned if I'm not gonna make a list including all these yahoos!

        Who the hell are these people?? I've only actually heard of 3 or 4 of them!

        I think everyone should write let

      • Woot for Choice Wording!
        I just thought I'd point out that if you go to the Blogger search page and look for lovenest, this little palace here is the first result.

        I don't know how long that will last... but in the meantime, I say welcome to all the amourous drifters that are just passing through here

      • I like my life.
        This past weekend I was sitting on my sofa looking around, wishing my wife was home from work and just thinking about how great my life is.

        Looking back to what my life was like 15 years ago or so, just getting into high school with the whole world ahead of me, I think I've now got e

      • Slutty and the Beast Buy a Lovenest?
        I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure I saw Belinda Stronach and Tie Domi heading into the sales office of the Ritz Carlton at lunch today.

        If one of them owns an Audi S8, then that was probably them.

        Talk about one hell of a nice love shack!

      • Stop the Presses! Britney and Kevin are Splitsville!
        Wow. Who say this one coming? He seemed like such a stand-up guy! </dripping_sarcasm>

        At least now we can look forward to seeing him get the snot kicked out of him on Celebrity Boxing in a few years. He deserves it for cursing the world with his attempts at being a rapper or hip

      • People With Uber-Lame Lives
        If your commute to and from work is the best part of your day, you've either got one seriously kick-ass ride or your life is uber-lame!!

        I mean, I have days where I absolutely hate being at work... and I suppose that on those days the drive both in and home is generally more enjoyab

      • Ancient Legs or Birth Defect?
        Some fishermen caught a dolphin with extra fins and now scientists are wondering if they're the remains of ancient legs from when they walked around on land.

        Couldn't it just be a freak dolphin?

        Haven't they had snakes and chickens and stuff with two heads? Does

      • Jim Flaherty: I commend you.
        People are up in arms over the government's decision to tax income trusts and I understand their point of view.

        People overinvested in them based on the governments promise not to tax them and now they've been hurt by the reversal of that promise.

        I don't in any

      • I Don't Like Halloween Anymore.
        I lost count last night of how many lazy little bastards showed up at my door last night without a costume, asking for candy.

        Isn't the deal that they dress up in costumes, and then I give them candy? If there's no costume, what the hell are they doing at my door??


    • October
      • Greed will destroy the world.
        I just read the entire text at It's an excellent, well-written piece of work. Be forewarned though... it's quite lengthy if you're looking for a quick read. You'll have to get through it though if you intend to get any real understanding as

      • Why not show the Leafs in HD??
        What's wrong with TSN and Sportsnet? Were the folks at MLSE charging too much for them to do HD? How come CBC can do it?

        Even the ghetto LeafsTV broadcasts have a magic HD channel that pops up just for game time!!

        Lick my balls, TSN and Sportsnet. Put up or shut up. If y

      • This Just In! My Sperm is of the Highest Quality!
        Just came across this tidbit.

        It was found that the heaviest users, those who used their phones for more than four hours a day had the lowest average sperm counts, at 50 million per millilitre (ml) and the least healthy sperm.
      • A Burrito Tried to Kill Me
        Today at lunch I was sent to a place for the best burrito I've ever had. Of course, my burrito history is mostly non-existant but that's not the point.

        This one was good. Try the place if you get the chance. It's worth the wait in line.
      • I Know Where the Money Is
        Read the whole article here.

        More than $380bn has either been stolen or wasted by Nigerian governments since independence in 1960, the chief corruption fighter has said.

        It's a shame nobody has asked me. I got an email just the other day from some guy with billions in th

      • The World According to Dilbert
        It would have been wrong not to post this up today.

      • Welcome to the Master Race
        I think I'll spend the next few years creating tall, slim, healthy, attractive, intelligent, creative, coffee-coloured people.

        They'll then go on to take over the world and rule over the dim-witted, ugly, squat goblin-like creatures... which is to say everyone else outside my s

      • Some stuff doesn't have to be law.
        Right now, the law says that you can put as many people as you want in your car so long as the driver isn't crowded and all available seatbelts are being used.

        This makes sense. If there's a seatbelt there, you should use it so I don't have to pay to piece you back togethe

      • Most minutes by a team in a season?
        4 out of the Leafs first 6 games have gone into OT. This makes me wonder... is there some standing record for the most minutes played by an NHL team in a season?

        Congrats to Mats on the stellar goal! I couldn't watch the game but it really doesn't get much better than that

      • Is Insulation an Inhalent?
        Is Insulation an Inhalent? I'm guessing it's not. I'm sure I inhaled litres of the stuff last night and didn't even get a headrush.

        I probably shaved a few years off my lifespan though.

        Crawling around in an attic filled with fluffy cloud-matter that sends

      • No More Yankees!!
        Go Tigers!! Nice to see the big spenders knocked out in the first round.

        It's the least we can hope for after they take our hopes for a division title away every year with their massive payroll. Heart can win in the post season but statistics will generally rule the regular seaso

      • Go Leafs Go!!!
        Just excited that hockey season starts tonight. Can't wait to see what Domi's contribution to TSN will be...

      • Passing on Small Highways
        This is in response to this past weekends letters in the Star Wheels Section.

        Specifically, to this letter by John Mason:

        On many two-lane highways the road expands to permit passing. The problem is at the end when there is a merge back to two lanes. Who should allow the other

    • September
      • Belinda Stronach is Allegedly a Dirty Whore

        Homewrecker who was elected as a Conservative representative to govern. I sure hope her constituants think twice before casting their votes next time.

        Of course, when her daddy is the boss, it's a tough call voting your conscience. Assuming those people ha

      • Car Salespeople Are Lying To Me
        When shopping for a limited production car, apparently the number of cars being made for Canada is entirely dependant on how much pressure the salesperson feels they need to apply to get you to decide you can afford something you can't afford.

        I think when I actually have the money t

      • Get Well Soon, Hamster.

        Today I just want to send a most sincere "Get well soon" to Richard Hammond of the BBC's Top Gear program.

        It's one of my favourite shows, even though I can only watch downloaded versions of it, and I just can't imagine the show without him.

      • Features for Rich People
        My wife and I will be buying a car in the next year.

        I want adaptive cruise control.

        It's a cool feature and I should be able to have it. How often have to followed someone on a long trip where they are able to set their cruise but you have to continually adjust yours bec

      • I Drink Because it Pays
        Study Claims Social Drinkers Earn Higher Paycheques

        That's the sort of thing you want to log in your brain for future reference.

      • A Faster Car is a Safer Car
        I couldn't help but post this up. I've been saying this for years and everyone always scoffs at the idea.

        At least I'm not the only one.

        Here is a link to the whole article. It talks about how it's impossible to drive a performance car to it's full

      • I'm Growing Grass
        Yep. I'm a regular horticulturist now. I've gone and taken a big patch of pretty much dead lawn under a tree in front of my house and made an attempt at growing some green stuff in it.

        Now I apparently have to water it twice a day for a month or so.

        That means I�

      • Owning a House is Fun
        First off, on the topic of Kimveer Gill, this is well written and deserves a read.

        This paragraph sums up the article quite nicely:

        There was drama-queen self-exultation in the de facto epitaph Gill posted on his blog: "Lived fast died young. Left a mangled corpse.'&#

      • Bloggers are Psychos.
        I was watching the news this morning and they were talking about the whack-job that shot up the university in Montreal yesterday.

        They were talking about his blog and how he liked to take pictures of himself with guns and loved that rediculous video game about the Columbine murders.

      • Car shopping: Don't compare prices on the Internet.
        It's downright criminal how much cheaper cars are in the States than they are here in Canada.

        Do we all like compact cars because we take pride in our environmental responsibility... or are we just overtaxed and overcharged to the point where we just can't afford the nicer cars

    • August
      • I'm still alive!!
        Just didn't want anyone out there to start worrying. The wife and I have bought our first house and moved in and I've been off work getting everything in order.

        Now I'm going to start paying property taxes. A whole new tax for me to watch get misappropriated.

      • I just think everyone should read this.
        I'm finally back online and all is well. I'm sure y'all missed me.

        I don't really have time to write anything especially inspiring so I'll just post this link on the state of Islam. I just think it's very well written and everyone should read it.

      • Still slaving away at work.
        As it turns out, I don't work at Dollarama and I'm not some chick in Kitchener so I may have been a bit premature in declaring myself a millionaire.

        It's a shame, really. The world is just going to have to go on being sucky without my intervention for a while longer.

      • Who will defend Lebanon???
        "Who will defend Lebanon in case of a new Israeli offensive?" he asked. "The Lebanese army and international troops are incapable of protecting Lebanon," he said, flanked by Lebanese and Hezbollah flags.

        That's from Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah. It jus

      • Time to take over the world.
        So now that I'm a millionaire, who would like to help run my campaign?

        NotWeasel for Prime Minister.

        Or... rather... NotWeasel for... umm... member of parliament? Stupid political system.

      • More money than you can shake a stick at.
        Our lottery here has ballooned up to $42 million. That's a lot of money and I fully intend to win it.

        For all my concerns about the complete incompetancy of our government, a big chunk of change like that would go a long way toward getting me into office where I can make a go at set

      • Finally! Weather fit for a weasel! Or Not... even...
        After what feels like an eternity of constant heat, today was absolutely wonderful outside. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I wasn't a walking puddle of ick.

        That's all for today. Enjoying another short week of work.

      • Wonders of the Human Body
        Last night I found out that my wife was unaware that you can swallow air and make yourself belch.

        I demonstrated the ability for a few minutes.

        I don't think it elevated my status in her psyche any.

      • Anyone wanna see me naked?
        Why is it that women are allowed to dress appropriately for the hot weather but guys are not?

        Now I'm not for a moment suggesting that they cover up. That would be a huge step backwards and nobody is complaining about them coming out practically in their skivvies when the thermome

      • WTF?? How am I supposed to watch this at work??

        That links to Nissan's Australian site where you can watch their TV commercial featuring Kim Cattrall acting raunchy.

        It might be amusing. I don't know. It goes full-screen as soon as you start to view it using their

      • I'm all for saving the planet, so long as it doesn't make me uncomfortable.
        Last night was the warmest night here in recorded history. We're in the midst of a heat wave and they're urging everyone to avoid using their cars and turn their air conditioners down.

        That would be a great idea if the public transit system would pick me up in an air conditione

      • Back to reality.
        I'm back in the real world now. Tomorrow I go back to the daily grind.

        I hope you all missed me.

        Sadly, I didn't get to maul any bears. I had my heart set on it and was totally denied. Best I could do was to stand over a snake that had already been killed by a ca

    • July
      • Creepy little bastard.
        Well... maybe not so little... but either way, who the hell sets up on an overpass and just shoots at random people with a rifle??

        The prosecutor doesn't yet know whether to seek the death penalty. Does this sound like the sort of person that gets rehabilitated? It's not like

      • Over the meadow and through the woods!!
        Well... I'm not going to grandma's house... but I'm totally stoked about getting out of the city for a few days!!

        I'm debating whether to pick up a hunting knife and try my hand at bear wrestling or just stick with the regular plan of drinking myself silly and tryin

      • What a boring day!
        There's nothing terribly interesting going on in the world today.

        Same old. Same old.

        I'm really only writing this because I'm bored and hoping I'll write something that entertains me.

        It's not working.

        I'm still bored. And

      • Is it MY fault you're stuck in a war zone?
        I add a caveat here... if this Liliane chick is an employee of our embassy in Lebanon or some such thing then she may have a point. I make these comments under the assumption that she is a vacationing Canadian like so many others we're hearing about on the news.

        EDIT: I've jus

      • Not cheery enough for ya??
        I don't want this blog to get a reputation for being all doom and gloom, so for today I'll just post a picture of a cute little kitty.

        Be happy. The world has enough miserable bastards without adding you to their numbers.


      • Women suck at the interweb.
        Well... they might not, but it would appear that they think they do. Which is funny... because it's been my experience that these days they think they know everything.

        If it turns out that they're actually underestimating their abilities at stuff, I'd say we've pr

      • Poor pigeon.
        Today as I walked to lunch, I saw a pigeon get slowly run over by a Dodge Magnum. The car was pulling up to the curb to stop and a bunch of pigeons were sitting there. They all sort of scrambled out of the way but one was dumb enough to just sit there and the back tire went right over it.
      • My theory on Suri Cruise.
        I'm betting she's a creepy little alien-baby that Crazy Tom doesn't want the world to see.

        You heard it here first.

      • Aww crap! Has Israel gone too far?
        Beating down the Palestinians is one thing. I feel for the innocent civilians getting caught up in the whole thing, but their militants ARE randomly firing rockets into Israeli towns so I understand the retaliation.

        But Lebanon? Is Israel getting ready for another all-out war with a nei

      • Has Edmonton given up?
        First they lost Pronger and Spacek. Now they're letting Peca go?

        Is that just how the Oilers organization works? They only build decent players so they can sell them off rather than trying to build on their success?

        Suddenly it sucks to be an Oilers fan. I never thought

      • Chivalry is not quite dead yet. Thinks it'll go for a walk.
        Yesterday made for an interesting ride home on the bus. Living on the east side, we seem to get the worst of the worst when it comes to city buses. We don't expect fancy things like air conditioning or even working sliding windows.

        What I generally DO expect is for the bus to get

      • So much for the krauts.
        The Germans have been eliminated from the World Cup and, along with them, all likely chances at me winning the second round of the lunch pool I'm in.

        Bloody Italians. Turns out they can play well when they're not taking bribes and fixing matches. Good on them. They deserved t

      • Ech... no... more... puking...
        I'm slowly recovering after one hell of a wild night.

        Yesterday, I spent the day with friends jumping off a dock and generally having a great time. Then, to top it all off, we headed over to a restaurant and had quite possibly the worst service I've ever had at a restaurant.
    • June
      • Wha Happen???
        The big story in the news today is the fact that Israel has pretty much pummelled the shit out of Gaza.

        I'm just wondering if there's a single Palestinian out there that didn't see this coming.

        Consider this alternate scenario.

        What if we Canadians w

      • I thought the Corolla was a car.
        I was shown the error of my Corolla-driving ways. In trying to adjust the seat properly, I was treating it like a car. As it turns out, I should have been treating it like a tiny RAV4, or an electric-scooter, or some sort of motorized lawnchair or something.

        I've discovered that I

      • Am I some sort of giant??
        A week or so ago, my neighbour backed into my car. She then proceeded to get angry about it, as though I'd tossed it out there behind her Cherokee when she wasn't looking... which... incidentally... was the entire time she was backing up... but that's all beside the point. To he

      • Thank-you, Switzerland.
        I tied for the win in the first round of my lunch-crowd World Cup pool. Free lunch for me! Woot!

        And on this topic... is it just me or are footballers the biggest bunch of crying babies on the planet? People are telling me that they roll around and cry with the hopes of getting favour

      • What I'm worth.
        Apparently in the overall scheme of things, every Canadian is worth $141,000.

        So where's mine? Hell if I know!! Seems to me a bunch of rich people and corporations have hoarded up all my assets and are bathing in my money.

        Stupid rich folk.

        To add insult to in

      • If I go up in a puff of smoke... don't blame lightning!!
        Motorcyclist killed in rush-hour lightning strike.

        Hmm... flash of lightning... or GOVERNMENT DEATH RAY???

        You be the judge.

        Me... I'm gonna go work on my tin foil brain bucket...

      • Street Racers will kill us all!
        The story of the day is Street Racing.

        Did you know that street racing kills more people in a day than lung cancer and postal workers kill in an entire year???

        If you don't believe me... well then you probably haven't been catching the news these days. It seems th

      • The Inauguration.
        So here it is. It's been talked about by people you don't know and you probably won't ever see it. If you do, it'll probably be years from now when the world as we know it has ended and we're reduced to surfing web archives from renegade servers dreaming of the before time