Bento Box 
Today I went to Bento Box at First Canadian Place. I had teryaki chicken and a spring roll with a Coke Zero.

The meal was pretty good. Not as good as the burger and rings I normally get at this food court, but it was tasty enough to be enjoyed.

Can someone tell me the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero, besides that they taste different??

Which one am I supposed to drink because I don't want to get fatter while scarfing down things like deep fried onions??

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#7, With Noodles. 
Back to the Chinese haunt today.

I had a #7 with noodles. I think it was pork and chicken with diced vegetables and cashews with either rice or noodles.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as good as #10. I'm looking forward to having that again some day.

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Halibut Burrito Day! 
Today we were back to Burrito Boyz yet again, but to a different location this time around. This one was a bit bigger so we weren't crammed in shoulder to shoulder with everyone else waiting for our food. There's still not enough space to expect to eat at a (the) table there, but at least you can expect to be inside the place while waiting in line.

As for the Halibut Burrito... it was good... but not as good as the steak. Steak is still the way to go at this place.

Of course, if you don't eat beef... or any other meat that walks around on land while growing, then this might be the burrito for you!

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Hooters for Lunch! 
Monday is all-you-can-eat wings day at Hooters, so that's where we went.

You'd think it would be an entertaining time, eating wings and chatting over a pint while the hotness circles around.

Not so.

Firstly, I've got a new boss now so I'm in no position to be coming back to the office smelling of beer, so Diet Coke had to suffice.

Secondly, it took forever to get our food so "all-you-can-eat" really amounted to "all-we-can-serve-in-an-hour", which wasn't really worth the price of admission.

Finally, the hotness apparently doesn't work the Monday afternoon shift, so we got the grumpy-and-neglectfulness instead.

And the wings weren't all that good.

Probably won't go back here, if I can help it.

Curiously, Google seems to have targetted this blog with ads for people looking to have affairs. As thrilled as I'm sure my wife is with us going to Hooters for lunch, I'm sure she'll be tickled pink to find my blog seems to have inadvertantly gained a "Find local frustrated married women looking for excitement" theme!

Of course I'm not me, and this isn't mine, so all's well.

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Soly's Diner: Burger and Rings 
It's a shame that the only time I intend to write about this place, they cheap out on the onion rings.

I love this place.

They have one of the best food court burgers in the downtown core here and back it up with some killer onion rings. Normally they fill what's left of the box you get the burger in with rings, and that's just fine by me. A healthy box of heart attack. Wonderfully delicious. Today however, they actually used the little mini-box thing to hold the rings. I got only about 2/3rds as many as normal. Hopefully that's not some new policy.

I've been in the habit of ordering the cheeseburger combo over the past few years because for some reason, it was on special while the regular hamburger combo wasn't. So if you asked for cheese, the whole thing was cheaper.

I think they sign has changed though and this may no longer be the case.

Perhaps next time I'm in the area, I'll try the hamburger combo. I expect it to be just as delicious, though not as cheesy.

They seem to be somehow associated with Pumpernickels, though they don't seem to have a website of their own.

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