Halibut Without the Heat 
Friday I had the pepperoni and mushroom pizza at Saute's.

It's probably not the best item on the menu. Not as good as the Chicken Parm. I just felt like having it, and I enjoyed it.

Today I tried the halibut burrito at Burrito Boyz but without any hot sauce. I just thought I'd see how the fish taste came through without the hot sause to zest it up.

I think it's better with the hot sauce. A burrito really should have a bit of kick to it.

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Burrito Boyz FTW!! 
Today I had a large steak burrito with everything except peppers on it.

Today was a good day for steak.

I liked today.

I REALLY liked today.

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It's a Good Week. 
Yesterday, we went to the Chinese place and I had the 10 with noodles. It was wonderful. It was as good as I remembered and is still my favourite item on the menu.

You should go there and try it.

Today, at the TD Center food court, I had the Pad Thai from Thai Island. Again, it was wonderful and you should try it.

Yes folks, this is what this blog is here for. I try all the crap, so you don't have to!

Now I can't wait for tomorrow! Wherever I end up, I know it's going to be good!

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Mega Wraps: Chicken Caesar 
It's the first day of the "eat what you want" week and I ended up in the crappiest food court. Go figure.

There's just nothing all that good in the CBC food court, so I settled for the classic chicken caesar wrap at Mega Wraps. It's always tasty, and was again.

I very nearly got a Big Mac combo though. It's just THAT good a food court!

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Chicken Quesadilla 
Burrito Boyz today.

I tried the chicken quesadilla and found it way more manageable than the last quesadilla I had back in December.

This one didn't completely come apart when I ate it, so I enjoyed it a lot more.

As I said last time though... there seems to be a lot less food than the burritos for not much less money. Beyond that... there really isn't much of a difference. All the same stuff in different packaging.

When you go to Burrito Boyz, get a burrito.

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