More Chinese and Some Sort of Sandwich 
Yesterday at the Chinese place, I had what one of the regular crowd has. Beef Chow Mein I think.

It wasn't as good as a 10 with noodles. I really miss the 10 with noodles. I think I might have to have it again just to ensure I haven't just built it up in my head in all this time.

Today I went to Pumpernickels to have the schnizel sandwich without cheese. I wanted to see whether the cheese really made any difference.

When I got there though, there was a sign advertising some sort of chicken sandwich special. It said something about cranberries, triple decker, and bacon so I got one.

Once I had it, I wished I'd got the schnizel. It just looked like a regular sandwich, and not nearly as big as I was expecting.

It was delicious though. There was grilled chicken, bacon, and all sorts of other stuff I can't even describe but that tasted really good.

Not really worth the money they wanted for it, but I was happy to have had it after the fact.

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Pizza and Curry 
Yesterday I had some sort of Chicken pizza at Piazza Manna at TD Centre.

It was good pizza, but probably not worth the premium they want over the regular pizza they have. It's an extra dollar because it's special. It doesn't really seem justified.

Today I went out with my coworkers for Indian buffet. As good as it is, it's just never as good as the home cooked stuff. I think my wife's grandmother should open a restaurant in my kitchen.

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Food Court Veal Sandwich 
There's an Italian place at Metro Hall and the veal-on-a-bun was recommended to me.

It was good, but certainly not great. It didn't hold a candle to the veal sandwich you can get from St. Lawrence Market.

Considering it came from a food court, I suppose it was about as expected but there's just no excuse for the fact that there just wasn't enough veal on it. It should have had a few layers rather than one flat piece sitting on the bun.

Apparently their chicken sandwich has more substance to it. The veal was good enough that I'll go back and try the chicken to compare.

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Happy Freakin' Monday. 
I've had a headache all morning and just generally would rather be in bed today.

That said, lunch was a pleasant surprise. I had the Pork Chop Noodle Soup from New Wok New Wok at First Canadian Place and it was pretty good. It seems sort of strange to take a deep fried pork chop and throw it into soup, but the end result was decent. I enjoyed it and I think I'm going to try some of their other noodle soups in the future.

If you're wondering about the end of last week... it was rather uneventful. I skipped lunch on Thursday and on Friday, I went to lunch with my coworkers at Philthy McNasty's. That's usually a good time but this time around the food came way too late due to some sort of mixup. I had some sort of chicken pasta and all I thought was that it wasn't as good as the Parmesan Chicken Bowties from Jack Astor's. The food ended up free because of the delay though, so I have to say that the service was very respectable if not really up to snuff. They made amends for what went wrong and that sort of thing goes a long way in my books.

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McD's and Asian Cuisine. 
On Tuesday, things were hectic since I came in late to work after getting my car fixed, so there wasn't really time to go for lunch. I ended up just going over to McD's and tried the grilled chicken sandwich that I thought I was ordering the last time I was there.

I liked it. I'd never go to McD's for chicken, but it was pretty good. If you find yourself standing at the order counter and not wanting a regular burger, I'd definitely recommend this thing. It's a bit pricy considering the size of it but if you don't have any options then you might as well pay for it and get something you'll like.

Yesterday I tried Asian Cuisine at the TD food court. I won't go back. It just wasn't memorable and there are MANY great places to go to in that food court. That's all there is to say about that.

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