Pumpernickel's in Simcoe Place 
In First Canadian Place there's a Pumpernickel's and they make wonderful schnitzel sandwiches. I look forward to them every time I go there.

They also have a location in the Simcoe Place food court, near the CBC building. A long time ago, perhaps a few years now, I tried the same sandwich there and was very disappointed.

It seemed to have half the serving of meat on it and just left me feeling sad.

Today, at the urging of a friend, I tried it again.

It was great! It was every bit as good as the one from First Canadian Place. I don't know if the last one was a fluke or if they've stepped up their game, but I have a feeling this isn't going to help my ongoing effort to eat healthier at lunch.

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Halibut Without the Heat 
Friday I had the pepperoni and mushroom pizza at Saute's.

It's probably not the best item on the menu. Not as good as the Chicken Parm. I just felt like having it, and I enjoyed it.

Today I tried the halibut burrito at Burrito Boyz but without any hot sauce. I just thought I'd see how the fish taste came through without the hot sause to zest it up.

I think it's better with the hot sauce. A burrito really should have a bit of kick to it.

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Burrito Boyz FTW!! 
Today I had a large steak burrito with everything except peppers on it.

Today was a good day for steak.

I liked today.

I REALLY liked today.

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It's a Good Week. 
Yesterday, we went to the Chinese place and I had the 10 with noodles. It was wonderful. It was as good as I remembered and is still my favourite item on the menu.

You should go there and try it.

Today, at the TD Center food court, I had the Pad Thai from Thai Island. Again, it was wonderful and you should try it.

Yes folks, this is what this blog is here for. I try all the crap, so you don't have to!

Now I can't wait for tomorrow! Wherever I end up, I know it's going to be good!

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Mega Wraps: Chicken Caesar 
It's the first day of the "eat what you want" week and I ended up in the crappiest food court. Go figure.

There's just nothing all that good in the CBC food court, so I settled for the classic chicken caesar wrap at Mega Wraps. It's always tasty, and was again.

I very nearly got a Big Mac combo though. It's just THAT good a food court!

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